Pachter: Sony in for 'difficult holiday' after PR boss quits

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) senior director of corporate communications, Dave Karraker, announced on Wednesday that he will be stepping down September 7 after only one year at Sony. Analyst Michael Pachter says the executive will be missed during what he predicts to be a "difficult holiday" season for the PS3.

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GoLeafsGo4091d ago

Bravo on sticking to the story and not throwing your own fanboyism in, bud.

Anything but Cute4091d ago

The Mart you p*ssy!! You changed the title and your crap failed approval. puss puss puss puss!!

Ignorant Fanboy4091d ago

If this failed approval why am I reading it on the front page?

TheMART4091d ago

PS3 fanboys just can't stand the title in this one

Pretty funny if you ask me

ktchong4091d ago

Oh, so I'm a PS3 fanboy now?


GoLeafsGo4091d ago

MART, go read the guidelines, please.

thereapersson4091d ago

Your Newspost sucked because it had horrible bias and twisted editing. At least The Round Peg's story is true to its source.

AllroundGamer4091d ago

woohoo that article failed approval, just like your next one too...

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AliC4091d ago

I would have had no problems approving this news article.

Bloodmask4091d ago

with this article. Wii has a starting price of $250 and the 360 is $280 dollars respectively. And with the 360 you get all you need for the full HD and online experience for only $350 which is still $150 cheaper than the PS3.

Not to mention that 360 has a much larger games library this Holiday season that is also more well rounded. With huge AAA titles coming such as Mass Effect and Halo 3, not to mention the just released Bioshock that has just received rave reviews.

All the supposed AAA games for PS3 have been poor too average at least in the reviews. Not saying average isn't good but not a console mover.

And in reference to Wii you can't go wrong with Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy.

It's simple actually. Just do the math...360+Wii= $530. Which will give you a much more well rounded games catalogue. Than just buying the PS3 for $500. Only $30 more.

vidoardes4091d ago

You called me out as a PS3 fanboy because I reported the marts version. You might notice I approved this an hour ago. Get your facts right

thereapersson4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

As if it wasn't enough, you have to C&P your post to this article as well. Isn't that Spam?

@ below: Because 40+ people posted there and saw it, and you got enough disagrees to know that it was lame. Hardly grasping at straws, bro.

Bloodmask4091d ago

should I retype my post when this is the exact same story. And the other one isn't even posted anymore.

Aren't we grasping at straws now??

Rybnik4091d ago

This is good. I thought this version had failed, guess the admins fixed it!

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