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The most addictive video games in pictures

Telegraph has compiled a list of what they feel is the most addicting games. (Culture, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

edhe  +   1476d ago
"The most addictive video games in pictures"
That's the title for fuck sake. Why introduce a completely made-up word instead of using the REAL WORD: Addictive.

ADDICTIVE you fucking imbecile. It's in the title right above your blurb!
jim2wheels  +   1476d ago
Bubble up for my favourite rant of the day!

But it does not surprise me at all. Online articles are filled with bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

Man, I hope my grammar holds up in this post...
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Super-Brad  +   1476d ago
What was the title that was submitted then? lol
darthv72  +   1476d ago
It happens I guess. We get wrapped up in what we want to say that we just dont see the error of our ways.

Anyway..OT. Addictive games to me are the puzzle ones. I was a tetris-aholic and later got strung out on Zuma. Peggle is my new drug of choice.

Sometimes the simplest of things can be so hard to put down. I try to keep my sanity by playing a round of Reach or a few chapters of God of War in between.
huzzaahh  +   1476d ago
It really grinds my gears when people use "addicting" too.

Bubs fo' you.
vickers500  +   1474d ago
Hmm, didn't know that "addicting" wasn't a word, but then again, I've never used it out loud or on a keyboard before.

The more you know, eh?
s8anicslayer  +   1474d ago
EDHE, before you speak as if you write the english dictionary below you'll find a link to the word ADDICTING..so who's the Moron oops I mean Imbecile?

edhe  +   1474d ago
I'll start on grammar next.

You are forewarned.
Kurt Russell  +   1476d ago
hahah! Excellent kicking off!

Shame about the shit article.
Ducky  +   1476d ago
PC games too. Hell yes.
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DoomeDx  +   1476d ago
RedDead  +   1476d ago
That's Cods' only real great point(I dunno if that's a good thing or bad), it's average other than it's addictiveness, sometimes i'm sitting there getting pwned thinking "why the Fu** am I playing this?" But I keep playing anyway.
Shackdaddy836  +   1476d ago
I actually got bored within 2 days. Not addictive at all....

WoW is probably the most addictive game on that list. If you want to have a life then don't play WoW.
Dave1351  +   1476d ago
multiplayer is pretty addictive imo. only until you get enough "connection interrupteds" to make you go insane.
Shackdaddy836  +   1476d ago
Well, the best guns imo are in the middle of the unlock tree so once you unlock those then its just a bore fest. It is addictive for about the first half before you prestige but then it just becomes super generic because there is no reason to change your weapon.
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Ducky  +   1476d ago
I tend to dislike the 'best' guns.

The mp44 was my favourite gun in CoD4 because it was one stubborn motherhubbard to shoot with. The only reason I go back to MW is to use the mp44.

Same goes in BlackOps, I prefer playing with the trickier guns. The SMGs are quite fun and so far enjoying the Stakeout. =)

Playing different game-modes also goes a long way in making the game more enjoyable. I know some people that haven't set foot outside TDM/FFA.
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Simco876  +   1476d ago

huzzaahh  +   1476d ago
In proper, non-American English, we use "s" instead of "z". The world doesn't revolve around you, American.

It is a mistake because the game's actual name is "Civilization" but it's an understandable mistake.
Qdog  +   1476d ago
While I am not one to instigate or disrespect anyone based on opinion, whats going on with the forceful anti-American statement? In fact I'd like to know why you think the poster resides in America to begin with? Am I right in assuming that you have indeed lumped all Americans into one classifiable category, predictable and worthy of insult? That would imply that you lack room to talk.
chak_  +   1476d ago
not that I disagree, but checking his profile you can see he lives in oklahoma

Qdog  +   1476d ago
One rarely takes the time to research when unceremoniously judging at face value.
huzzaahh  +   1474d ago
I can't stand the ignorance of some people. Americans generally (and I know enough Americans to have some say) think that they have the best way of doing things and that their way is the only right way of doing those things.

The fact that Simco876 hasn't realized that things are different in the rest of the world (specifically common spelling differences) annoys me.

I'm not anti-American, I'm anti-ignorance, and the majority of ignorant people I've met have been American.
Hayakuzima  +   1476d ago
Being addicted to World of Warcraft is like being addicted to drugs
Once you play it, you can't stop, and then when you do stop because someone forced you to, you start shaking, sweating, breathing faster and start getting really depressed 0.O

No, just me then?

sleepy3  +   1475d ago
Black ops is like crack. I tell myself, "ok, one more game and i'm done". of course that turns into 6, lol.

FIFA is another one. many a night have i spent over 3 hours straight playing that game.

I guess any game can be addictive, it depends what you like. Some people are addicted RPG's, but I find them boring as hell.
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Azianphil88  +   1475d ago
You want addictive video games pictures
try PS3 exclusives like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo, and GOW
sleepy3  +   1475d ago
How can games like GOW and Heavy rain be addictive? they are single player experiences.

I think addictive means it give you that "Just one more game" feeling. Gran Turismo yes. Especially if theres that one guy that beats you by half a second three times in a row and keeps trash talking. You just want to hand it to him, lol.

I personally do not find beating the computer fun. The computer does not show emotion. You can beat it by 100 points or one, its the same reaction...none.
Azianphil88  +   1475d ago
it said addictive video game in pictures
i assume graphic wise
never thought about single player or multiplayer experiences
edhe  +   1475d ago

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