Gamer Limit Review: Spelunker HD

Before you get your hopes up: no, this is not the long awaited console port of the indie classic, Spelunky. Spelunker HD is a brand new remake of the Brøderbund Atari/NES classic.

In fact, as it was released in 1983, Spelunker was one of the first “cave exploration” titles, and helped pave the way for many modern cave crawling classics. But does the PSN HD remake live up to the original’s name?

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6.0 Presentation

Spelunker HD's retro mode is a nice touch, but the HD visuals are pretty bland outside of the ghost models.
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5.0 Gameplay

The controls still feel retro inspired, which is great when you're playing with the classic NES graphics, but a bit more could have been done to spruce up the "HD" version.

6.0 Sound
Not much extra was done in terms of the sound department here - the classic sounds still remain, however.

7.0 Longevity

Depending on how many friends you have, your mileage may vary when it comes to the multiplayer. Depending on how patient you are, your mileage may also vary when it comes to the single player component.

6.5 Overall

Spelunky HD is a solid challenge, but it fails to do anything spectacular, and instead simply revels in challenging you. Compared to something more modern like Super Meat Boy, which is actually more challenging while still managing to be more fun at the same time, Spelunker HD pales in comparison.

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What was this moron reviewer expecting? This is an EXACT port of the original version. This isn't Super Meat Boy which is a complete rip-off of that "I Want To Be That Game".

This game looks fun. The difficult in this game I would expect to be hard and that's what I want. It has co-op and the graphics are simple yet great. Nothing over the top.

johnbrown42907d ago

In a sense the reviewer is missing the point of a remake. It pales in comparison with Super Meat Boy? Great logic, a retro game is not innovative, not spectacular and worse than a modern game.