Life imitating games: the world of Final Fantasy VII turned real

These videos contain pictures of places around Earth that look just like they came out of the Squaresoft classic Final Fantasy VII.

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Shadow Flare4091d ago

This game needs to be remade

That was really brilliant. Some of those scenes made me scratch my head but i soon got it. And some of those photos are spot-on to what the games scenery had. Really great, but you'd only understand those videos if you're an FF7 fan. I loved the chocobo race bit and mideel and the lifestream bits were clever. Awesome

And the music is fantastic. The very first song played (the world map music) is my all time favourite piece. This game is still the best out there and it'll blow my mind to think what it could look like on ps3. A game like this deserves to have new life breathed into it

sumfood4u4091d ago

& on my 7th time I recoreded it. Remakes would bring a smile on Fans faces. Mainly thoes obsessed with graphics. I just like the Story!

Xwow4091d ago

i can,t belive my eyes,square-enix is brilliant company.
i hope the remake is coming.

MikeJonesOK4091d ago

*crys* i want FFVII again~

VirusE4091d ago

The music for final fantasy vii is in my opinion some of the greatest game music ever made. Square would be stupid to not remake this game, it is a masterpiece through and through.

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