Great Title Typos: The Games That Could Have Been

"So here are eight mock ups of titles that might have been had the developers forgotten to proofread our game pitches. By the way, these are all titles that we have personally misspelled on a number of occasions, so if you have made similar mistakes, please pass them along in the comments section."

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MagicAccent2631d ago

Tiny Hawk made me lol.

But really.. Slow new's day or what :P

FACTUAL evidence2628d ago

Left 4 dad was funny as hell lmao. But halo beach just took the cake and had me dying...I won't be surprised if halo beach will be a kinect title, or even a 720 launch title.

sonicsidewinder2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

How about: 'Deu Sex'? lol I DO!!!

pretty funny article. Kane and Lunch...

Wake up sons n daughters! Mornin' be here!

PrettyinPurple2628d ago


I lost at Tiny Hawk Underground.

Calm Down Sunshine2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Fatman: Arkham Asylum?
Sly Copper?
Alan Rake?
Call Of Duty: World Rat War?

Jim Crikey2628d ago

Hmm, sounds suspiciously similar to this article published last month...

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