EA's Plan To Topple Call Of Duty Is Ridiculous

EA has recently decided to a show a little faith in their developers by publicly detailing their master plan for gaining ground on, and eventually overtaking, the Call of Duty franchise. It was a nice gesture, but one ruined by how flawed the plan is itself, which is really no more than to 'make a better game'. It sounds logical in some respects, since everyone knows that a consumer will always be willing to jump onto another product if it's superior, but on the same page it lacks a certain logic of its own. What exactly determines what kind of game would be 'superior' to Call of Duty? How does one accomplish that? Naturally EA has all the answers, which boil down to one game: Battlefield 3.

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Sanrin2934d ago

EA shoulda kept their mouth shut, they've been doing so good with the dumb statements for so long.

mephman2934d ago

Well, at least they admitted that Call of Duty is actually better.

ZombieNinjaPanda2934d ago

I wouldn't say better, just popularity wise.

duplissi2934d ago

ill say this: MOH had a better campaign than waw, mw2, and bo, but on par with cod4. also bad company 2 has a superior online than all call of duty games..

i like blacks by the way, but im not a blind moron.

duplissi2934d ago

lol... i like blacks..

i meant black ops. my palm rests on the mouse pad and occasionally jumps the mouse around when i type.


MRMagoo1232934d ago

so your saying you dont like blacks huh hmmmmm? :P

sleepy32934d ago


I noticed one person disagrees with your "I like blacks" statement.

We have nazi's on N4G now? lol

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Dragun6192934d ago

Well, EA could possibly beat Call of Duty. I mean they have the Battlfield Franchise, Medal of Honor Franchise and West and Zampella's new team, Respawn entertainment.

So I could imagine them overtaking the Call of Duty Franchise eventually in the future.

mephman2934d ago

I honestly don't know where they can go with the Medal of Honor franchise any more. This was supposed to be the reboot and it fell flat.

GenericUserName2934d ago

I bet you'd sh*t a chicken if they said they could beat killzone or gt5 though right?

-Alpha2934d ago

They should just stop chasing it. COD is COD. We love games like Battlefield for Battlefield. Simple as that.

Chasing the COD demographic is the key issue with many MP games today

tacosRcool2934d ago

Well when people stop overhyping games like COD and buying it for all the teenie boppers who play online and ruin it.

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Ducky2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Well, I doubt either Battlefield or BadCompany will make an impact.
Any game designed for 30fps can't really directly compete with CoD.

My eyes are on what Respawn will do. They helped create CoD, and now they must destroy it.

duplissi2934d ago

they also helped make the old MOH games.

Ravenor2934d ago

2015 didn't have much to do with the console versions of MoH, you're thinking of the best MoH ever; Allied Assault.

thematrix12982934d ago

If any publisher it's EA that can take down Activision. EA has Respawn whom can create solid fps. I'm sure Respawn co-founders will want to get some revenge with their next game. I really want to see another game take the crown for fps sale. Wishing the best to Respawn and DICE.

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mrv3212934d ago

Same was said about

Medal of Honour

ELite_Ghost2934d ago


why mention everquest?

its like saying WoW is better than cod

mrv3212934d ago

I'm just saying no one believed Everquest would be toppled, then it was, not the same people are saying the same thing about WoW.

MRMagoo1232934d ago

WOW is better than COD tho

VenomProject2934d ago

I don't know what crackpipe you've been hitting, but when Battlefield 3 releases, CoD's going to have some pretty tough competition.

I'm not just talking out of my anus either, remember a little game called "Battlefield 2?" That came out WAY before CoD4 and at the time the title held the crown for team-based FPS gameplay.

Battlefield 3 is coming and I can't wait until it blows the CoD-kids away.

crzyjackbauer2934d ago

yeah i dont play cod anymore because of the kids
every single match i have to mute them

Shackdaddy8362934d ago

It wont destroy CoD. Maybe in the future but it just doesn't have enough hype to get the core people off CoD.

I think once it gets enough ground with this game then next game will be great

Convas2934d ago

Whoa Whoa Whoa. LMFAO! Hey MRV, wanna tell me how, and WHO toppled Halo?

mrv3212934d ago

Call of Duty, sales wise.

MRMagoo1232934d ago

cod is much bigger than halo and imo cod although sometimes broken is alot more fun than halo with all those idiots jumping around like there on trampolines the games like a more childish noob version of cod if thats even possible.

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Selyah2934d ago

Battlefield will undoubtedly do well, it tends to tailor for a different style of fps play anyway. EA are just being EA, trying to kick up a storm before they have anything on the table.

ShawnCollier2934d ago

Gotta love EA's big mouth sometimes. :p

Raider692934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Fate is always the last to die!EA lately actually have release most of their games well polish contrary to Activision!"Well MOH was not very polish, but BFBC 2 was"!

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