Strange Girls Would Rather Touch Each Other Than A PSP

More wacky Sony lifestyle pics. Or advertisements. Or something. These two girls are touching each other. On the seat next to them is a PSP, which next to women touching each other just isn't getting a look-in.

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rev204115d ago

Depends if you have a ps3 or not really

Rybnik4115d ago

B4 I got my PS3, I had no intention of getting a PSP..thats now changed, although maybe seeing Crisis Core has somin' to do with it..

THC CELL4115d ago

i think a girl would be better to play with than a psp dont u think

unless pms mode strikes

thereapersson4115d ago

There are so many amazing titles coming out (and that are already out) on the system that I can't see why people bash it.

Jeremy Gerard4115d ago

It seems that nowadays most Blondes would rather touch each other than anything.

Just an observation, i go out alot.

Silverwolf4115d ago

I appreciate that, now show me some movies of it in practice.

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