The 6 Reboots That Should Definitely Happen

In celebration of the news that Tomb Raider is getting its 18th series reboot this year, here are another few gems that are crying out for a fresh start.

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SactoGamer2632d ago

While I'm not so much for the semi-sarcastic tone of the article, I do agree that a new (legit) Crash title would be welcomed.

Monkey5212632d ago

Ya, too bad Naughty Dog no longer has rights to the Crash Bandicoot series.

Thecraft19892632d ago

They really need to buy it back !

BrianC62342632d ago

I would rather have Naughty Dog working on Uncharted games than Crash. Crash Bandicoot was great for its time but it's time to move on. We can always go back and play the real Crash games Naughty Dog made.

HolyOrangeCows2632d ago

Sackdivision owns Crash now. Let him die in peace.

wwm0nkey2632d ago

Ummm why was Steel Battalion posted? A new one is coming out next year for Kinect.

Der_Kommandant2632d ago

Please never ever reboot Metal Gear Solid!

himdeel2632d ago

I had to disagree. If they use the MGS4 engine, updated of course then I'd be fine with a MGS update/reboot.

DaBadGuy2632d ago

Kinda already remade it on the Twin Snakes, but a full on reboot, no, it's fine no need to change the story.

DigitalAnalog2632d ago

No, but I prefer the reboot the original Metal Gear series on the MSX using the MGS4 engine. A lot of fans tend to miss that one.

-End of Line

christheredhead2632d ago

i would love to see naughty dog make a crash title thats on par with uncharted. i know it will never happen but man that would be awesome.

emk20042632d ago

ya anyways i think activision owns crash now that's why the last ones that nd didn't make sucked. unless ND make it i really don't want it personal.

JohnnyMann4202632d ago

Looks like a joke article to me. A non funny, joke article.

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The story is too old to be commented.