Playstation Blog: New GT5 Goodies, Plus GT Academy

Lots of exciting news in the Gran Turismo world today. First, starting today, you can now register for GT Academy, the ultimate chance to become a real professional race car driver using Gran Turismo 5, now available exclusively on the PlayStation 3. In case you hadn’t heard about this exciting competition, we’re not talking about a weekend racing school here. The GT Academy winner will ultimately go on to train with elite race car drivers in actual Nissan vehicles and race as part of a professional team…the ultimate dream. The actual GT Academy competition, in collaboration with Nissan North America, will start in the US on December 20 and will continue through January 23.

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despair2931d ago

last time trial I think I was like 80k place and 30 seconds behind the leaders, yea no chance for me.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

GT5 the greatest driving sim ever made. Only on PS3!

Bereaver2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

In the last time trial, I was smoking out 750 with the regular car and 247 with the tuned car. And I only played it about 70 times (complete laps). And was still learning since the last GT I played was GT3 and I skipped GT4.

I want to try to do good, but, I'm waiting for my wheel before I try any more.

thesummerofgeorge2931d ago

Yeah what a piss off... And they have the nerve to call it GT Academy (North America)... If it was North America it would include Canada, otherwise it's just GT Academy US. I hate how Canada always gets snubbed with these sorts of things.

LiquifiedArt2931d ago

I love GT. I have a wheel and chair.

If i actually won, being 28...That would be a pretty major lifestyle shift. May be worth my time.

I'm definetly passionate about driving in GT.

DXM12931d ago

no chance ill win. but its so tempting to register. maybe i could get a driving wheel or something? how many prizes are out there?

Close_Second2931d ago

I love GT and have been playing for hours however, what happens when you beat all the events? I tried the on-line play but a lack of clans, organised events, betting, etc leaves me with no incentive to keep going back.

I'm just concerned that nothing will keep me coming back for me once I get through all the A league challenges.

soundslike2931d ago

if the incentive isn't the actual driving then no amount of gimmicks will keep you coming back

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