Kaz Says: The PS3 Is a Game Machine. Period

Things the Playstation 3 has been called: A computer, a hub and a multi-media center. And that's just by Sony. Previous Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi himself called the PS3 a "super computer."

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mikeslemonade4065d ago

Kaz is all about the software which is a change up from Ken.

sak5004065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Ken Kutaragi says:

"The PlayStation [3] is not a game machine. We've never once called it a game machine," -- Impress PC Watch, 05/05

Edit: Sorry dint see ur comment first as u're on ignore. Anyway, what logic are you talking about? If you read my post, the QUOTE IS FROM KEN NOT ME IDIOT...SO you played stranglehold demo minutes back, well we had the demo few weeks back. Why dont you wait for 4-5 years till you get good games and then tell Ken that PS3 is a games console.

achira4065d ago

ah, i understand, thats the reason i could play the srangehold demo before some minuts. your logic seems very flawed.

beavis4play4064d ago

in jan. '06 microsoft said the 360 failure rate was only 3-5%. do you believe everything a corporate shill says?

BloodySinner4064d ago

How is that logic flawed? sak500 just provided evidence of what the father of PlayStation said himself.

Bloodmask4065d ago

would make up their mind. First Kutaragi markets the PS3 as a supercomputer. Then Sony wants to market it as a Bluray player so they can claim to have won the format war. Now they want to market it as just a "games" console bc 360 and Wii are crushing it in sales...

If you are going to lie Sony at least just stick to one...Not three.

DarkArcani4064d ago

The only one crushing any of the consoles is the Wii. The 360 is beating the PS3, not crushing. Maybe if it had it beat in all three territories I could see you saying crushing.

I don't see why there is so much hate for a company that brought games like GTA3, guitar hero into the industry. Can you answer me why you hate them sooooo much? Is it because they lie? Every company does it! MS said that hdmi didn't matter. We all saw where that lead to. Doesn't make me hate them.

I just don't understand why we all can't get along.

bluebrad19744065d ago

If gaming was paramount, when the ps3 was engineered they wouldn't have used the Cell processor. Blu-ray is why the ps3 is on store shelves. And the use of the Cell processor is stone cold proof of it.

Jeremy Gerard4065d ago

quite true, all this waffling is just a sign of desperation, they are trying to find an identity for the PS3, they should have left it alone in its transition from a PS2 to a PS3, it was one of the best gaming boxes ever when it was a PS2, it was them who muddied the water and tried to make it a supercomputer/bluray player/web surfing device/cure for cancer.

stonedog4065d ago

but first they need to figure out what the message is. confused you won't be after this episode. I seem to remember the PS3 was being pushed as so much more than just a games machine it could be used as computer for surfing etc. that why you would pay more. If it is just a games machine then why PS3 TV oh yeah that where the competition is taking them. Maybe they have come to the conclusion that the majority of PS3 owners are gamers and that is what they use it for. Ultimately it is about the price; b/c the average consumer is not going to pay that much for the PS3, and that said they need some compelling games. Ah well maybe this is change in direction which will result in some positive moves by Sony. We watch with interest

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The story is too old to be commented.