All New L.A. Noire Images Released reports: "Rockstar has just released all new L.A. Noire images, featuring "Crime Scenes and Lineups". Well enough of our talking, let's get to the goodies!"

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Speed-Racer2901d ago

Damn these shots look good

jriquelme_paraguay2901d ago

please, make my PS3 version good... dont want another Mafia 2, CoD:Bo... fiasco

Commander_TK2901d ago

Well, it was PS3 exclusive at 1st, so I expect a good version. Still would've been more awesome it was PS3 exclusive due to the power of the console.

TheLastGuardian2901d ago

Looks good. Any word on a potential release date?

IllusionRSN2901d ago

We're thinking early spring. Then they will push it back, so probably early summer :)

metsgaming2901d ago

looks like mafia 2. Not expecting much from this game except it will have the same laggy controls as gta4 and rdr.

DigitalAnalog2901d ago

Or that this could be PC at full settings.

-End of Line

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IllusionRSN2901d ago

Yea, it's a much needed update. They have a "big update" coming soon also. Can't wait to see what it is!

Speed-Racer2901d ago

Do you have any idea what it may be about?

Burning_Finger2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

That's actually seems pretty close to Uncharted level graphics wise. Can't wait to see GTAV with that kind of graphics.

I guess the Majority of N4G can't read. I'm not anywhere bashing Uncharted. I'm praising it as a matter of fact. I'm a BIG FAN THE SERIES. L.A Noire looks and sounds awesome as well as the critically acclaimed GOTY Uncharted series.

Heavy_Rain2901d ago

You are kidding right? Its nowhere near UC2. But where it does beat UC2 is in the lip animations. OMG does it look stunning. Best I have ever seen!

Burning_Finger2901d ago

Hey buddy, did I said Uncharted 2?? Learn how to read for pete's sake.

Lionhead2901d ago

You are right about those lip animations.

They are freaking incredible. I want to see actual gameplay footage now >:D

Commander_TK2901d ago


"I want to see actual gameplay footage now >:D"

Haven't u seen the trailer?

Lionhead2901d ago

Um that's just ingame footage

Not exactly GAMEPLAY footage. It doesn't show me how the game will play or look while playing.

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DarkFantasy2901d ago

excuse me sir,did you know that your finger is on fire.

IllusionRSN2901d ago

They said along the lines of the technology behind the game.

Arup022901d ago

Lip synch looks amazing, i can't wait for the release!

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The story is too old to be commented.