Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is heading to Steam

"Need For Speed Twitter has announced that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit will be heading to Steam soon."

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NYC_Gamer2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

we all knew this game would hit steam...EA wont ignore that huge install base

Substance1012934d ago

True EA has been desperately trying to ignore steam so they can promote their own Digital store. Sorry but people just love Steam. Not launching a game on Steam is your own loss.

Now where is Fifa 11 on steam and Dragon age 2 pre order.

Saryk2934d ago

I bought several games from EA for my son and myself this past weekend, with 50% off on 2 or more, great deal. However I bought NFSHS also from Impulse because they sent me a 20% off online coupon. So my point is this: Whoever has the deals gets the business from most that know the digital distribution circles. However Steam has got the foundation and most people don't shop around. And with 2-3 million on at any given time is one heck of a market.

Pandamobile2934d ago

I don't know why they didn't have it on Steam in the first place :|

x8002934d ago

i had no choice and got the game from EA can i activate it on steam too?