Two Hours of Tron Evolution Gameplay (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Last night GameBlurb (((On Air))) checked out Disney Interactive Studios Tron Evolution. We got our parkour on, threw some discs, drove a light cycle and complained a lot about the tank controls. But overall a much better game than we had initially anticipated. For those of you that were unable to check out the live stream, here’s the first ten minutes of Tron Evolution in HD (commentary free) as well as 2 hours of gameplay with our impressions of the game."

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jaidek2848d ago

I must say after watching this last night, I was far more impressed with the game than I had anticipated. Just a shame that it will have the curse of movie related games sales.

visualb2848d ago

the irony!!!

A video game based on a movie sequel of THE movie based on VIDEO GAMES!! =P

love it.

Still, tron is a gem close to my heart. legacy well have to be HORRIBLE to fail me (I just love the visual style =) and jeff bridges!)

the game doesn't look too bad either =) then again, like with every movie game, it was rushed =(

MicrocutsX22848d ago

It was a lot better than i expected.

evildeli2848d ago

Gonna buy this. Put it next to my Tron 2.0

junk3d2848d ago

I have been hearing a lot about Tron 2.0 lately. Sadly one of the games I never played on the PC. Might have to find a copy.

evildeli2847d ago

Just reinstalled 2.0. Still love the old style but once I saw the new tank level I was hooked.

Cajun Chicken2847d ago

You have to play Tron 2.0. It's a great game, over the last few months a team have made a mod called Killer App which adds more visual features, more MP levels and tweaks for newer machines than release.

JohnApocalypse2848d ago

I played this at HMV today and it was allot of fun

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