Black Ops: PC Updates Incoming

According to Josh Olin, the beleaguered PC platform will be receiving some of the changes and updates needed to further make it a more stable and efficient Black Ops platform.

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kdogdaddy2903d ago

The state of the PC platform has been a serious disappointment to gamers worldwide.

therealwillie2903d ago

ive got the ps3 version and the pc version, and even though the p.c version is a little glitchy, its miles a ahead of the ps3 version, i find the ps3 version almost unplayable

Losi2903d ago

Agreed. Unfortunately it was one of the most hyped, least PC supported titles in quite some time.

Before any fan boy cries out, sales don't make a game.

BlueOps2903d ago

If you just keep going on this link:

You can see the "progress"

kdogdaddy2903d ago

Agreed. Supposed PC patches and updates incoming, however, no really true justification for saying that Treyarch in any way has been showing a calculable level of support for the PC platform.

Kyster2903d ago

Call of Duty is just getting old, not enough of a change between the last 3 or 4 titles for me to get a hype out of playing anymore. I'm just ready for something new.

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