Top Five Games for this Holiday Season

E4G: It is that time of the year again; either you or your parents are going Christmas shopping to get that game that you have always wanted. But, if you are stuck, fear not, here is the list of the top games to have for this Christmas season.

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dkblackhawk502927d ago

Quite the list, people who don't own black ops are lucky

Pillville2927d ago

Seems like they didn't want to set off a flame war. What's the opposite of "flame-bait", "tame-bait"?

3 multi-plats,
1 xbox exclusive
1 ps3 exclusive
no move
no kinect

curtis3942926d ago

Lol, To be honest though, they are the best 5 :D

Pillville2926d ago

I'm not really trying to make any point, it was just something I noticed.

Brewski0072926d ago

The opposite to "flame-bait" is "sensible, relevant, article"
i think :P
Good list

jaredhart2926d ago

A nice and peaceful holiday list.

Ahasverus2926d ago

If it has Black Ops, it's a terrible list.

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