Nintendo Wii Praised by Ex-Xbox 360 Executive

Wii gamers should all remember Peter Moore - he's the ex-Xbox 360 corporate VP who used to say nice things about the Big N while still working for Microsoft.

A little over a month and a half ago he jumped ship and moved over to EA, but he's still fond of pointing out all of the wonderful qualities of Nintendo Wii whenever he's prompted.

"There's a whole new market of casual consumers or lapsed gamers that are coming back in or people who would have never classified themselves as gamers," he told GameDaily BIZ when asked about how Wii's broader audience has influenced sports and games.

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BloodySinner3668d ago

I'd praise it's ridiculous success, but not the console itself.

bung tickler3668d ago

he praised the wii when he was with ms, why would that change? why is this news?

QUNE3668d ago

but I still read this crap because I'm freakin bored at work.

FiveShot Bandit3668d ago

I want to like this guy, he at times seems really cool. But then again at times he seems like a flake. When he was w/ Microsoft he did alot of PS 3 bashing, which is to be expected. But now that hes with EA he decides that the PS 3 versions of games will now be up to par with the 360. He is a pretty good businessman though.

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djt233668d ago

nintendo have the mass appeal you got to love it