Kinect turned into a quadrocopter radar

Engadget: Every night we go to bed thinking that we've finally seen the best Kinect hack done and every morning we wake up to see something even crazier concocted with Microsoft's motion controller. Today, it's been mounted atop a quadrocopter -- yes, man's future worst enemy -- and utilized essentially as a 3D radar, facilitating the bot's autonomous maneuvering around a predetermined track. The random introduction of obstacles is also handled in stride, leaving us equal parts impressed, apprehensive, and eager for more. See the video after the break.

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jack who2934d ago

just keeps getting better now make a game

DoomeDx2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


The next generation tool for engineers!

blackburn52934d ago

All this is fine and everything but what does this have to do with gaming? As far as I can tell these things only work as hacks. Can these things even be integrated into a game? Can developers actually use any of these hacks. They can make you ghost through furniture and create a shadow boxers but can developer utilize these things? Take some of these things and make a game out of it and I will believe. But for now all I see is a bunch of hackers fiddling around.

JokesOnYou2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"But for now all I see is a bunch of hackers fiddling around."

-Yes that is correct, but thats how all the cool little electronics products we have today started, basicly as some dev, hobbyist, or heavily funded researcher working on a project. Sure for every cool little tech demo 1 in 10 will probably never have a pratical use but they spur the imagination and eventually something useful will come out of it, besides if nothing else its not only fun to watch but it is also good to see that kinect has given so many people the tools to they need to make creative little toys like this and all the tech demos/hacks we've been seeing since it launch, which says alot about the raw potential of kinect.

OK, now bring on the games.

wampdog292930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Anyone else notice how terminator-like the Kinect's view looked? lol

They just need the thing to say "I'll be back" or "F*** you, asshole" in Arnold's voice.