Indestructible Cars, Moon Physics and idiot AI: Is This the Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Glitch?

To its detractors, the shiny-but-shaky Gran Turismo 5 is synonymous with three things. Crap AI, rubbish car damage, and an avant garde approach to the physics which govern this planet

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seij5552935d ago

Looks like the crusade against GT5 continues but every site seems to use the same youtube video. Just a dumb glitch that can be patched, move along people.

mike90772935d ago

yea it looks as if people are trying to find any glitch they can too try and make GT5 look bad

2935d ago
irepbtown2934d ago

Same car (Nissan GT-R) and same track (Daytona).
There is no other glitch i've seen other than this.

Crap damage?
How many times, LEVEL UP before you bullsh*t.

Crap Ai?
Again, LEVEL UP.

I thought everyone knew about LVL 40 damage. I guess not...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2934d ago

Wow. The author of this article is a bit emotional isn't he? lol And again the player in this video hasn't reached 40th lvl rank to unlocked full damage.

turnerdc2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Why do people keep bringing up the "unlockable" damage after Sony said themselves that damage isn't unlockable? And people keep touting that "lvl 40" damage video but fail to realize that the guy already confirmed that he was lvl 6 when he took the video! I guess people are not as knowledgeable about GT5 as they think.

irepbtown2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


No-one is talking about 'Unlocking' damage.
We are on about, Progressive damage.

Two different things.

EDIT: Btw, have you played the game?
My friend in LVL 40 and yes, damage is alot more realistic.

EDIT2: Gamer 2010,
The fact is, there will always be Fanboys both ends. When GT5 released there were tons of trolls on GT5 articles bashing it for no apparent reason. But i dont think FORZA was any different. I'm guessing it also got bashed when it released for no reason.

Fanboys are Fanboys.
PS3, Xbox, Wii, GT5, Forza, Killzone, Gears of War.
They are everywhere.

turnerdc2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


Negative, what was being discussed in the post above mine specifically used the term "unlocked". Even so,damage IS NOT incremental. There is a huge discussion about this at gtplanet spanning 51 pages where they eventually found out there is no progressive damage system. Here is a quote from the post:

"Update : 05 December 2010

Well after all the reviews and gamers feedback, we now know this for sure :

- There is no mechanical damage in GT5, Yamauchi said it will appear in a patch this December, so wait and see.

- Concerning visual damage, unlike the rumors (that were taken as a fact in a lot of official reviews and I am sure a lot was taken from this thread which is ironic and unprofessional from those reviewers) There is no progressive level system damage in GT5, the damage in the beginning of the game is the same in the latest levels of the game. The visual damage is very light and limited and needs a lot of collisions to show its effects on premium cars. Rally premiums cars are the ones that show the biggest visual damage, but again after a lot of crashes and collisions. For standard cars, the damage is even more limited."

And here is a link to the post:

turnerdc2934d ago


Dug a little deeper and found official word from Sony themselves that damage IS NOT incremental. Here you go:

"Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I had a meeting with some GT people today to ask the burning questions you guys have been posting in the forum.

Most of what was discussed I can't talk about yet, however - I asked them about the fact that Car Damage only seems to unlock once you reach a certain level.

This is not the case. There are 3 different "levels" of car damage that are available from the very start of the game and are always active:

For Standard cars, Car Damage is limited to minor scratches and other aesthetic deterioration.

For Premium cars, Car Damage goes a little further - dents, broken lights etc.

The full cosmetic damage can only be seen on "Racing" cars. With cars such as the Tom's Castrol GT Supra, you'll see boots and bonnets popping open, bumpers hanging off and really nasty impact damage to the car.

You also asked about mechanical damage. I can't say much, but it's not in the game at the moment and your feature request for mechanical damage as an optional feature is under consideration.


Here is the link:

Now can we put this incremental damage BS to rest?

ShinMaster2934d ago

Ok, you're trying too hard.

turnerdc2934d ago

Haha, I'm a very thorough guy. Doesn't stop me from being right. :)

thor2934d ago


I was skeptical from the instant I saw the "proof" video. The funny thing is that fanboys were criticizing the reviewers for not being at level 40 whilst at the same time accepting some dubious evidence as proof and obviously not being at level 40 themselves.

ExplosionSauce2934d ago

What's wrong with the damage? I think it's ok.

What reviewers were looking for were a lot of scratch textures, but GT5 doesn't do that.

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ChickeyCantor2935d ago

Ah, but when it happens to another game you dont like its suddenly worthwhile...

gamer20102934d ago

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. These same people were cheering when glitch videos showed up for Forza 3. They did their best in the comment sections to make it seem like Forza 3 was a glitchy mess, which it isn't at all.

Personally, I don't think a few glitches in GT5 is any big deal. But at the same time, for the ruthless way in which these guys attacked and continue to attack Forza 3 I don't feel a bit sympathetic towards them.

ShinMaster2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

No one brings up Forza glitches and "cheer" unless 360/Forza fanboys bring it up first.

GT5 (even before it was announced) was bashed by 360/Forza fanboys.
They even mocked GTHD Concept and compared it to Forza 2, boasting superiority.

Then later GT5 was unveiled and GT fanboys counter-attacked.
So don't act like the victims.

King-Leonidas2934d ago

Wow just wow... have like over 15 hours on GT5 and i havent noticed jack shit! Except for damage (lvl 14) i play GT5 for the fun of unlocking and driving cars, not looking for glitches! Wtf happened to this generation?

ExplosionSauce2934d ago

The decline of gaming magazines and rise of online sites give more freedom and room for fanboyism, as well as hits.

2934d ago
KingME2934d ago

@ShinGino - You're trying too hard. :)

ShinMaster2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I don't recall posting any Forza glitch videos.

I only post counter-arguments in response to people who are trolling GT5 articles. And there's a lot of them.
But you don't see me deliberately going into 360/Forza only articles and start shit.

ARBitrator2931d ago

It would be more beleivable if you did the same thing when people are blasting Kinect or Forza. You only decided to cry out when you beloved GT5 got put on blast.

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jriquelme_paraguay2935d ago

some one tell ti this sites... No body care about this crap campaing...
All games have bugs, glitches...
But how can you stop playing masterpieces just for some littles negative details...
the GOOD is just too big in this game to complain and stop playing it.

I have this same feeling with Fallout 3 and NV. I really Love those games, and GT5 to care about this circunstancials and random errors!
Disfruten el juego!

StanLee2935d ago

The majority of major releases have bugs and glitches and we get complaints and threats of boycott. It shouldn't be acceptable for other games or for GT5.

mushroomwig2935d ago

Crusade against GT5?

Jesus Christ,, lighten up and enjoy the video for what it is.

D4RkNIKON2935d ago

You seem to be the only one who enjoys videos like this..

Jake3602935d ago

I know, if you enjoy the game then i don't see why people care what others think. I'm loving GT5 but i'm not going to let a 20s youtube video stop my world! :P

JD_Shadow2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

It's not the video by itself. It's what the author of this article is trying to use this video for. The author wasn't exactly using the video to try to be funny.

rekonizakilla2935d ago

this video aside.

How many videos have i seen of people driving the wrong way down a high speed track in to on coming traffic?

Then ask yourself how many times you see that in real life?

GT5 does what it says on the tin. if you dont like it you probably wouldnt like racing in real life.

what were some of you expecting to experience with a DRIVING SIMULATOR?

MNicholas2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

but what's in this video isn't one of them.

If anything it just shows how everything in GT5 is dynamic and calculated in real-time. Cars easily get airborne at high speeds and landing on another car has happened many times in racing history.

Of course, we already knew that since GT5 supports real-time day-night cycles and weather.

The Lazy One2934d ago

landing on top of cars and staying on top of cars at speeds over 150 mph are two completely different things.

FlyShootRaceSims2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Lol @ calculated in real time. Sure! If that was the case then how come the car stayed on top completely ignoring momentum, wind, vibration, etc. Don't forget the bottom laden car was able to maintain it's speed for a very looooong time with no regard for added the weight, added drag, need I go on. This game is not a racing simulation! It's a car collection simulation with little emphasis on realism. It looks good graphically though...25 percent of the time.

specialguest2935d ago

These bugs and glitches are to be expected, but still not acceptable.

Not to downplay GT5 issues, but Forza 3 had over 61 bugs/glitches.

Basically, it's common these days for a game to have these issues, but not acceptable.

Christopher2934d ago

I think it's hilarious to complain about the AI in this glitch, yet no one seems to notice the AI/physics of the car it's on and how it is unable to handle the extra load of the additional car due to AI/physics.

Definitely a glitch, but to complain about crappy AI is just stupid, IMHO. So much in this game proves that it is of high quality simulation AI compared to the very few glitches that have been experienced.

UnbiasedTroll2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

hahaha dumbest thing i ever saw. PD just remove real driving simulator from title.

this is far from anything real. Forza had a nose dive hand stand too.

84% metacritic

Kaneda2934d ago

I like how the lambo really slow down when GT-R is on top! that is cool!

Buff10442934d ago

Why do you guys defend level 40 damage? Should have been available right from the start. Dumb decision.

Beefstew4u2934d ago

Fanboys that are butthurt that GT5 got great review scores and can't laugh at a funny glitch.

NiiGhTx2934d ago

Forza 3 has all of this and no one posted an article about Forza is d000med!


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jack who2935d ago

would be even more fun if he won the race

smash10312935d ago

Haha. Wow that was funny. The realism in this game is just mind boggling. Thanks for a laugh on a dreary Monday.

popup2935d ago

Lol, are you actually proposing that they should have programed a correct physics response for this situation??? Are you mad?

It is a funny video though. I like the way the drivers head is still looking up the track :)

Must be hard to recreate. I love GT5, long may it last.

slugg2935d ago

Glitch? Patchable? only if they re-do the whole physics system. Wow-this is what a game 5 years in the making can do? Lol.

DoomeDx2935d ago

Or 6 / 7 years..for Alan wake?

Short, no multiplayer, no replay value?

The Maxx2935d ago

Are you putting Alan Wake on the same level as GT5? Wow, I was unaware Alan Wake was a #1 franchise like GT5, or that Alan Wake had a 60+ MILLION development budget.

And can you back up your claims about the length of development for Alan Wake. Last I heard it was only 4 years since it was first featured in 2006. 6/7 years, LOL I think you are confusing GT5 development time with Alan Wakes.

DoomeDx2935d ago

Who cares, even in 4 years of development, it should have been a hell-of-alot longer.

''Shut up! Killzone 2 was short to after 4 years of development!!!''

because killzone 2 also had an MP! which also takes alot of development time!

DaBadGuy2935d ago

Don't feed the trolls, they'll take your bubs.

As for GT5, if you like it, great, if not, great.

I like it, I'm playin it, and also having a 360 means I can play Alan Wake and GT5, both great games.

Different, vastly different, but both great.

No reason to hate on either game.

irepbtown2934d ago

Slug, REDO physics system?

Find me a video like this NOT in a Nissan GT-R and Daytona
Find me a LVL 40 that can do this.

The fact is, reach LVL 30+ things get alot more realistic and more difficult.

As for Alan Wake,

GT5 and Alan Wake are two completely different games. Might have both taken long, but two COMPLETELY different objectives for both Devs.

The Maxx2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

@ wesley-dw

In your OPINION it should have been longer, but in MY opinion it was the perfect length along with the that gave it an even longer playing experience.

Alan Wake is simply a "story". How long do you think stories should last? Actual gameplay in MGS4 is around 4 hours and that is on a 50 gb disc. Should MGS4 have had more gameplay in the campaign since it had a whole 50 gb disc available to it? I don't think so. I think MGS4's story is great. Complex but great. Developers choose the story and the length in which that story is to be told. Alan Wake had a much lower budget as well.

So I disagree with you. I think you are just a butt hurt Sony fanboy who didn't like slugg's comment so you in turn brought up a piss poor argument involving Alan Wake.

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Karooo2935d ago

the game is awesome play it first cars handle really well

evilunklebud2935d ago

Alan Wake = GT5.....

Too bad really. I was looking forward to having both.

FAGOL2935d ago

LOOL I want to do it!