Difference in 360 and PS3 Devil May Cry 4? The Controller

The actual contents are exactly the same, but having said that, the feel of the controller may cause a slight difference.

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toughNAME4091d ago

the 360 controller

i still dont know why Sony didnt put rumble in with their controller...but atleast they realized there mistake

rumble+sixaxis would be very good...but then again wasnt the 360 rated the best overall controller?

i guess its just preference

greed4091d ago

yes it is preference and rumble doesn't really have anything to do with it; it's mainly because it's only been on the p/s you would be used to that controller scheme and not the xbox because it hasn't come to that system until now but personally i would if i was getting this game which i probably won't because i am kind of burnt out of the whole DMC series but if i did get it i would get it for p/s just because i know the controls and i think the controler is better my opinion of course!

ISay4091d ago

i think any one who is a member of this sight knows ps3 didnt choose not to have rumble they were in the middle of a lawsuit with "emersion" who also is in litigation with Microsoft and considering action with Nintendo, all that said rumble should be available before the end of the year

Frances-the-Mute4091d ago

the "kixaxis" would be better for this type of game

rev204091d ago

360 pad is great for fps, any game were u prefer the d-pad like football games etc is an absolute joke on the 360.

All round the playstation pad is better suited to a wide variety of games the 360 pad is better for certain genre's where it really excels

ISay4091d ago

i played the demos for stranglehold on both systems and i have to say ps3 felt better

Darrius Cole4091d ago

also better for games that require you to use all eight buttons. The current 360 controller is better than the controller-S was but the left and right bumpers still feel a bit out of place. Going from left bumper to left trigger feels bad and is a bit too difficult, the same goes for the right hand. .

felidae4091d ago

The Sixaxis is better for all kinds of games ... even Shooters.

Headshots in Resistance are so easy because the Analog-Sticks are perfect.

ben hates you4091d ago

it is prefrence, and really i totally disgree, my two problems with the ps3 controller is the analog sticks feel to loose, and the controller is just a little small

And i don't like the D-pad for the 360 controller but i still prefer it over all

Bordel_19004091d ago

I think the boob picture that Kotaku has should have been used in this article also.

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The story is too old to be commented.