NBA 2K8 Gameplay Videos

IGN has posted 3 gameplay videos.

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Red4114d ago

I'll be getting this Day1

Honeal2g4114d ago

is it me or did the graphics improve this game just gets better and better.......i still dont understand how people buy NBA live....i mean everyone in this game moves like they would in real live they move like really stiff stick figures....this needs to be made known 2k deserves more sales than its been generating.

LeShin4114d ago

Totally agree with you man. Just played the Live08 demo and I wasn't impressed. The players are still a little stiff compared to 2k's basketball games. Just sold my copy of 2k7 in anticipation for this. Can't wait!

elijah5104114d ago

wow the game is looking awesome they kinda change the running style like the one in 2k5 and player models looks realistic, live 08 sucks at making body features they made gilbert arenas looks so thin in the demo and most of the players too. and yah live 08 animation is improving but 2ksport is already 3 times better animation since 2k6 they just started so i gotta preorder 2k8

power of Green 4113d ago

Transition between animations are not as good as Live, this game has strange gittery transitional animations(Moves like Lara Croft on PS2 rail systems) The player Momentum isn't as smooth or real as Live in transition from fast break to slow etc. Wish the person playing would have shown off some player animations handling the ball.

TOP Video 3 quarters of the way through theres no excuse for that.

Pay attention around 53 seconds through.

DG4113d ago

The graphics look better. But the gameplay looks amazing and a tweaked Association mode has me sold though. Cheers to 2K for focusing on gameplay and not the material aspects of the game as allways. EA yall have your work cut out for you judging by the demo. Good Luck.