Can Ace Combat 6 Save Xbox 360 in Japan?

What's the Xbox 360 game Japan is looking forward to? Less Halo 3, more Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Just check out the above pre-order display that shows AC6 all big and other games all regular. The Namco series has a big following in The Land of the Rising Sun, and since the latest entry is a 360 exclusive, Ace Combat 6 might shift a few consoles for Microsoft.

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chasegamez4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

they better make a voltron game
or some big robot game

toughNAME4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

i think MS shud just call it quits
focus on other places

i hope MS eventually does sick of developers spending so much time on these cheap japanese games that arent even appreciated

nobizlikesnowbiz4117d ago

Ace Combat will probably be great. Why would it be bad? All previous Ace Combats were on Ps1 & 2. Some Japanese kids might buy 360's for it.

360 need all the help it can get over there. Though I doubt it had a chance. We all know how the Japanese consumer as a whole are.

toughNAME4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

im not saying its bad

the demo was pretty good (except the ground..)

im just saying why does MS keep trying (and failing) in Japan?
focus somewhere else

i dunno i just think MS is wasting their time

Maddens Raiders4117d ago

Voltron sux. Blue Dragon can't even save it there.

But wait that's because Japanese are racist (against substandard consoles).

chrno4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

I hope you are being sarcastic when u said the japanese are racists lol.

Lord Anubis4117d ago

as usual Microsoft banks on existing franchises and single titles to save them. There's absolutely no reason for a japanese to get the X360 if there's only a handful of titles they can enjoy. Xbox wasn't for them and X360 isn't for them either. Microsoft needs more than a few titles to save them, they need a stream of new franchises that are appealing to Japanese gamers.

Fighter4117d ago

It will sell more once the PS3 version is released after a few months from the 360 launch.

chasegamez4117d ago

Ace Combat is not needed

ktchong4117d ago

I believe Microsoft has also paid money to buy exclusives from Namco, and I think Eternal Sonata (or Trusty Bell in Japan) and Ace Combat 6 are two of the titles Microsoft has bought from Namco for Xbox 360 exclusives.

Just so you know, when I told you guys that I had good reasons to suspect that Microsoft has bought BioShock as an exclusive, which is included in the $50 mil Microsoft made to Take Two, Sony fanboys would not believe me. That's before 2K's Levine finally admitted in an interview that Microsoft has an exclusive deal for BioShock.

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The story is too old to be commented.