GDC China: Square Enix's Tanaka Details Potential Fixes For Beleaguered MMO

In his keynote presentation at GDC China, Square Enix SVP Hiromichi Tanaka described steps the company is taking to make improvements to its latest MMO.

Things have not gone well for the latest launch from Final Fantasy house Square Enix. Its most recent MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, has gone through two 30-day-trial extensions.

So far, users who bought the game at launch have gotten 90 free days of play instead of the expected 30.

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Sarick2878d ago

There are just to meny MMO's out there to release a bad launch and try to ride the brand name. SE is used to doing it their way with long time players. When it comes to players just starting out they aren't as inclined to keep interested with false promises and shoddy workmanship. Either you do it right starting out or the competitor will eat you no matter how much money you throw at a project.