No Home-Like Portal for Xbox Live, "A Nice Chatroom" Says Microsoft

Microsoft has dismissed the idea they're developing their own PlayStation Home equivalent for Xbox Live - they've got their "own agenda".

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Galvanise_2931d ago

A chatroom with games and over 16 million users. A chat room that makes millions.

falviousuk2931d ago

and what company wouldnt want that kind of money.

AAACE52931d ago

If they do anything like this, they will probably just make a version of Second Life for XBL since they bought that company!

ShinMaster2931d ago

So is it more like TextChat and less like Home from PSN?

Galvanise_2931d ago

Whoever disagreed with me is a moron. Everything I said is fact.

deadreckoning6662931d ago

Welcome to N4G. Having facts doesn't guarantee you winning any arguments here.

WildArmed2931d ago

You'd figure after 900days of being a N4G-er, you'd know that ;)

I mean people still disagree if you write 'Hello World' xD

El Nino2931d ago

mo·ron (môrn, mr-)
1. A stupid person; a dolt.
2. Psychology A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

Ahhh the irony of you using it.

OhReginald2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

lol on n4g...if you get a lot of disagrees on a are doing something right. And there is some truth in your statement.

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aceitman2931d ago

ps3 avatars has a place to show off the clothes and costumes we spent are money on . not like live we have a place to go and if u think its stupid , i have one thing to say its like a popular game called the sims .its nice to take a braek and hang out play minigames win items for your place and clothes ... well i forgot its ps3 there are so many haters when sony does good ... ps more of my friends and family are getting the ps3 and thr loveing it ...

reTodd2931d ago

run-on sentences much?

SixZeroFour2931d ago

this is teh interwebz...spelling, grammar and punctuation dont matter, not even in journalism

typikal822931d ago

I thought the failure that was Game Room was suppose to be the Home equivalent

edhe2930d ago

Dozens of fully converted licensed titles from the old age vs next-gen aol chatrooms?

Entirely different concepts - first gameroom makes an effort to retain old titles and remind us of heritage whereas Home is a marketing effort.

Very Very big marketing effort.

DOMination2931d ago

Lets face it, HOME has been one of the biggest failures in gaming history. MS were right to sit back and see what happens. They'll learn from Sony's dire mistakes and produce something slick.

ZombieAssassin2931d ago

They make money from it and developers/publishers support it, god it's such a failure....

lodossrage2928d ago

FAILURES don't get continued support for two years and counting. FAILURES don't make profit. These are two things HOME has been doing for Sony from the start. So with that said, how about we "face" the fact that you don't know what you're talking about

palaeomerus2931d ago

Both Game Room and Play Station Home are barely-supported indefensible crap of very little interest to most gamers.

lodossrage2928d ago

HOME barely supported?

Yeah, you obviously either don't have a ps3 at all, or have one and have a high ignorance level due to your own personal dislike of HOME

Vherostar2931d ago

They wont do HOME as they would have no control over it. The thing with HOME is Sony allow companys to have there own rooms and content something MS wouldn't want to do.

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aceitman2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

i had my ps3 from the beginning 599$ and the 360 from the beginning talk about money well spent on my ps3 it was ..
ps3 599$ 360 399$ plus 100$ for wifi so 360 499$ and since then i have spent no money to play ps3 games online besides buying the game . 360 i have spent 250$ extra to play games online a total of ps3 599$ the 360 749$ .so for those that say 1st gen ps3 owners were robbed think about who really got robbed now . ps3 comes out on top with ps home for free free mini games and free items and its free ,why would any one in there right mind complain about something thats free . try it ,dont like it move on. if u love it play on. it doesnt cost u a thing ... i have all systems and i have to say i love my ps3 and all it has to offer even the free things. unlike ms and thr greedy hands bragging on how much they made and yet they raise the price . if sony is doing it for free y is it ms is jacking up the price . if your a 360 fanboy i dont hate u ,i hate the fact that ms knows your a fanboy and will pay . soon it will be time for 360 fanboys to standup to ms and shut thr greedy hands down and give back to those who support the product . ps the more they lose ground the more they will get from the loyal fans to keep them above there pocket. ps its good to be a fanboy but open your eyes to those who stab u in the back instead of saying thank you for your support .. thats another reason that i love sony they do say thank you from time to time ...

Nicaragua2931d ago

That big button on the far right of your keyboard is called "Return". Its useful for breaking up walls of text into readable chunks.

Once you master that then we'll look at starting your sentences with capital letters.

Dorwrath2931d ago


Give China their wall back.

I_C_PEE2931d ago

And what about Xbox Live Game Room then Mr McGill ? You need to sort out your own house before commenting on others.

Father Murder X2931d ago

We all know how successful Home has been!!! LOL In fact I had completely forgot about HOME until I read this. I have a Ps3 and HOME is crap and always has been. I haven't been in there for over a year and a half. If MS decides to copy it you know that its going to be awesome. Say what you want to about MS but they know how to make money!!

DigitalRaptor2931d ago

What utter crap are you talking?

Nicaragua2931d ago

Its hardly utter crap to not like Home. I love my PS3 but i think Home sucks, i'd just rather be spending my time playing real games than queuing for poker.

ScentlessApprentice72931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Is that really due to the quality of PS Home, or is it really just because you don't have social skills and don't have any friends?

Anorexorcist2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Hey, nice SN and avatar! ;) Keep it going man!

awiseman2931d ago

its the opposite, If U DONT have a lifwe and friends you would be on Home. Not the other way around, what r u smoking?

GarandShooter2931d ago

Yeah, because having friends and a life means that I can't have made friends from around the world.

Now Home is not my cup of tea (notice the wording haters, this is how you express a dislike for something without passing judgment or coming across like your opinion is fact, e.g. 'Home sucks'), but it does provide a unique opportunity to interact with people on my friends list, too distant for real life.

I have friends on my list from New Zealand, East Africa, Norway, and England, while I'm in the USA. Home provides the ability to interact with them in a gaming as well as non gaming fashion, superior to any online MP game or lobby or video chat.

Qui-Gon Jim2931d ago

I never use Home, but I think it has potential. It's biggest problem is that it's almost all JUST potential. If PS4 could run Home quick enough to be the UI, it would be pretty cool.

reTodd2931d ago

good thing nothing ever changes right? it couldn't possibly be different 18 months later. btw, how does bill gates peepee taste?

palaeomerus2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

About the same as Howard Stringer and Kevin Butler's peepees. Probably about the same as Reggie FilsAmes and Shigeru Miyamoto's peepees too.

Peepees taste like peepees.

spektical2930d ago

there are people who use HOME religiously, as a chat virtual world, like second life.

i dont use it, cause i hate having to update every room i go to nowadays, wish u can just do background download for home for everyone. Unfortunatley you need to have psn+.

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nickjkl2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"a nice chat room" but "not an awful lot more"

really thats all he has to say a nice chat room but nothing more than that

i guess he never played any of the mini games
or goto the theatre and watch some videos
or play chess
goto buzz zone
goto a music club party thing
unlock hidden rooms in spaces
find clothes for your avatar etc

or is he expecting full on games to be added to home

palaeomerus2931d ago

First of all, none of those things are any good.

Secondly, lots of chat sites have apps including games like pool and dominos and lots of flash game sites have chat. Lots of them have avatars you can dress up too.

Home is just a weak stab at second life without all the penis-rape traps.

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