Gran Turismo 5: How to unlock Red Bull X1 give you hints on Gran Turismo 5. Would you like to unlock the Red Bull X1? Read this!

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Venatus-Deus2929d ago

It was pointless putting in one of the selling points of the game to be only accessed at lvl30.

another bad design decision in an otherwise great game

ChronoJoe2929d ago

It wasn't a selling point. It wasn't even advertised.

I guess you're just QQing cause you want it, and you're not level 30. lol.

Nelson M2930d ago

Just get to level 30
and then the Challenge Unlocks

mike90772930d ago

getting from level 20 to 30 will take you quite awhile I know because once you reach level 16 or 17 it takes you a whole bunch of races just to go up one level

Mmmkay2930d ago

27 takes like 300.000 xp. but you get 200.000 from the 4hour endurance...

Astaroth802930d ago

Can i save during endurance?

ChronoJoe2928d ago

I haven't done the 24hour endurance races yet, but I've done a few of the others. (the 3-9 hour ones), I couldn't find a way to save on these races.