Gran Turismo 5: 235 000 games sold in France

Sony claims having sold 235,000 copies of GT5 for its first week of sales in France, setting a new record for the franchise.

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kasasensei2905d ago

Sony was right for the 500k copies sent in France... Who was disagreeing? :p

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NiiGhTx2905d ago

Wow, a record franchise!

Never underestimate GT's franchise ;)

2905d ago
darthv722905d ago

I dont know about that. I do recall the HUGE smear campaign lodged against Halo 3 when it came out. Tons of spoiler posts and what not.

I guess you really can't spoil the ending of a sim racer but you get the idea.

Next up....Gears 3.

Daves2905d ago

Gears 3 - is that a racing game?

lordkemp0072905d ago

Holy merde!

Great job, this game is a drivers dream.

(Vin Diesel and Paul Walker fans need not apply, they are regulated to the naughty step)

Redempteur2905d ago

do not swear ! even in another language.

graciousd2905d ago

lol that's so French XD

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theafroman2905d ago

i have to say it now shipped or sold lol i keed i keed

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The story is too old to be commented.