GAME holding Monday Madness sale

M2G Writes:

UK retailer game is holding a Monday Madness sale, even giving you the chance to win your entire basket of shopping.

Monday Madness is a ONE DAY ONLY event where the retailer will have some amazing offers and prizes! The offers will be very limited so make sure you check them out as soon as you can.


The deals have arrived now, including GT5 Signature edition for £99.99, although you can get further cash off this by using a lucky gamer code.

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Gamerfans2934d ago

I see some great deals only if they were in US dollars though

MaximusPrime2934d ago

Too late... It's tuesday.. Is this newsworthy anymore?

Gorgddanilsion2934d ago

USA game is so big deal and I like this feature and game mind,..