Square Enix Has Secret Game Planned for Jump

Square Enix has released a close-up look at its booth for next week's Jump Festa, and there seems to be space for an unannounced title.

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Vegeta90002631d ago

Final Fantasy XV: The Real Hallway Simulator

jneul2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

ROFL ff13 actually turned into a real ff when you hit pulse
edit: btw i hit agree:-D

lazysey2630d ago

The secret game is actually Final Fantasy 15, but the twist this time, is you're probably going to buy it.


Final Fantasy vs Street Fighter vs Tekken

R2D22631d ago

with some Mario on the side.

RedDead2631d ago

I hope there's some sort of teaser for FF versus, following a huge reveal in the January conferance. I'm interested in the 3rd birthday too. The PSP has only a few great games a year. Hopefully this is one.

im-12-years-old2631d ago

I don't want a teaser I want game play footage and a release date!!

Godmars2902631d ago

Yeah, pity they don't understand that at this point they need to show that they can make games. Not just trailers - which they don't show publicly anyway.

RedDead2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Yeah, but i'm guessing they won't anything on it at JF, since they're having a conferance on jan 11th dedicated to Fabula Nova crytallis(xiii, versus, Agito) only, expect to see nothing of it at JF and loads of i from the January one. I atleast want a teaser for Versus from JF but I doubt there will be one at all/

Edit--god I really hope this isn't the rumored FFxiii - 2. Please just leave FFXiii in it's grave.

Greek God2631d ago

Sequel FFVII SPOILER-------------

Genisis is still alive afterall...

jbiz3202631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Their games are such crap.. They need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and figure out why the rest of the industry has passed them by in so many aspects. Pretty FMV scenes do NOT make a good game. they need to realize that.

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