Marathon: Durandal Updated

Loading up the arcade first-person shooter will net you a title update. The update fixes many issues, including the motion sickness caused by the game's lightning-fast framerate.

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iceice1234065d ago

They changed it to 30FPS? Also, how about they fix the lack of people playing >_> <_<

benfinkel4064d ago

It was annoying when the game came out and people blamed the motion sickness on the frame rate when that explanation makes zero sense at all. Field of View (FoV) has always been a nausea inducing issue in games with a narrow FoV. However, I was willing to ignore it because people just didn't know better.

But now, right in the article you're posting, they don't mention frame rate at ALL! They talk about the *gasp* Field of View being too narrow and having been widened. Still however "The Spartan" blames it on frame rate. That's just kind of inexcusable. Did you even read the article you posted??