Crysis - 3 new preview and gameplay videos

There are three new Crysis gameplay videos on Gamespot that all have a short pause in them to describe graphic techniques are currently in use. As usual the gameplay content in these videos show how CryEngine2 can make games so visually stunning.

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ShiftyLookingCow4113d ago

damn finally we have direct feed but they are all low quality

BADBOYEK44113d ago

If the Developers want to make the Money that this game really deserves, they will have to PORT this game to the Consoles.

Bryce4113d ago

Crytek stated that they will be porting the game's engine, CryEngine2 to consoles, but have no plans for making Crysis available on any other platform besides the PC.

johnnywit4113d ago

That is one of the best FPS I have ever seen. I loved how he took cover behind the tree and it took so much damage it eventually fell over. This game is going to be awesome. Too bad I won't get to play it till 2009 when the price of PC's comes down or when it is ported to a console.


yeah, ps3 and pc have their own games with amazing graphics, consoles may get crysis later though

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