HD-DVD, Blu-ray sow high-definition 'confusion'

The format battle among Hollywood studios and consumer electronics giants over control of the high-definition DVD market boils down to three words: "Confusion, confusion, confusion!"


Laurent Villaume, president of QOL, France, predicted that the two-format struggle will last into 2011, when--according to his company's research--40 percent of households in the U.S. will have some installed HD capacity, and the Blu-ray/HD-DVD market split will probably be about 60/40.

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Covenant4121d ago

...Which is one reason why consumers have been slow to adopt either one.

The other? Most people just adopted standard DVD, and many people do not yet own an HDTV. Asking them to upgrade after just a few years of regular DVD format is a bit much.

cuco334121d ago

It's also the reason why most are happy enough with DVDs and their cheaper pricing. I'm neutral on the format but do see better in HD DVD for the consumer as far as pricing but not a fan of combo disk pricing as it puts DVD/HD DVD disk combos more expensive than BD disks. I love the idea just not the pricing of them. but most are confused or waiting for a 'winner' which is sad because either both will fail or the consumer will start to adopt dual format players and let both strive on.