Last Sega Fanboy Dies in Captivity of Terminal Disappointment

Tragic news today out of Seattle where Daily Gaming News learned that the last known living Sega Fanboy, Miles "WELCOMETOTHENEXTLEVEL" Prower (his name was legally changed in 1995 –ed.) finally succumbed to a terminal case of disappointment and passed on to that great arcade in the sky.

Sega fanboys were once a common sight on the American consumer landscape. They were first discovered in the early 90s hanging around KB Toy Stores, and Toys 'R Us with their parents in tow buying up any Genesis related merchandise they could find. The species was particularly known for its viciously aggressive behavior around Nintendo fanboys, sparking what many experts agree was the first pathetic fanboy console war in recorded history.

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ReBurn4119d ago

I really do. I wish I would have never sold it.

RedSeven4119d ago

I'm sure you can buy one on Ebay for around 50 dollars now...

Frances-the-Mute4119d ago

i wish my brother never f'd up the dreamcast, felt like a dream lol

ShiftyLookingCow4119d ago

according to fanboy comics some of them ended up as Sony fanboys

crck4119d ago

But the original Nights was awesome.

Frankenberg4119d ago

This Sega Fanboy ended up an XBOX 360 fanboy. I got my sega from the money from my marriage. Helped me get thru it. Wish I had never sold it. When Sonic came out on Xbox Live, it was true ecstasy.

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The story is too old to be commented.