5.0 Shaun White Skateboarding Review "So in the end Shaun White Skateboarding sits on an odd precipice. On one hand, it's certainly one of the more creative games out there, both colorful and entertaining in small doses. On the other, it's plagued by a boggling amount of design issues. Simplistic controls, boring quests and challenges, and counter-intuitive world design make it extremely hard to keep the controller in your hand and ask for more. It's a shame really, because there is certainly a lot of potential that lies within this skateboard title - enough to suggest that a developer with a little more gusto could do an absolutely fantastic sequel. As it stands right now however, Shaun White Skateboarding fails to deliver to anyone outside perhaps his most dedicated fan."

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Hardedge2879d ago

I'm always skeptical about skateboarding games. IMO, the original Tony Hawk and Skate were probably the best ones out there..

CombineElite2879d ago

Shaun White got robbed at X games vert