My game(s) of the year award goes to...

2010 has been by far the biggest year for gaming in my life so far, which is no doubt due to the fact that I started to write about games this year. There’s seems to have been a record number of game releases, especially in Q4...

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Nightshadow2905d ago

I like your taste in games. Metro 2033 was awesome, no one can beat the Russians when it comes to post-apocalyptic themed games (Fallout comes close though).

PlayerX2905d ago

In the year of Mario Galaxy 2? Lol

cakeisalie2904d ago

Metro 2033 running maxed out was definitely awesome. got the game of Steam for a mere 13usd priceless. Though my game of the year contenders list for 2010:

Badcompany 2
Civilization 5
Mass effect 2
Metro 2033
Stalker Call of the pripyat
Starcraft 2

reynod2904d ago

Metro 2033 was easily the best looking game this year, not talking about the Xbox 360 version here. PC version was awesome. The developers also put in alot of effort in coding the game. Its one of those games which actually uses all the CPUs cores to do Physx (when an Nvidia GPU is not present).

Cant wait to play it again in few years when i upgrade and have a GPU that can handle all the DX11 effects maxed out.

hoops2904d ago

By far Metro on the PC was the best looking game. Maxed out the game looked unbelievable.

Rice2905d ago

Metro 2033 was definately one of my favorites this year but I'd say Heavy Rain or God of War 3.

Too_many_games2905d ago

Heavy Rain or Red Dead Redemption

earbus2905d ago

None no single game blew me away this year metro was ok maybey im getting to old i guess mass effect 2 would get it for me , dont get me wrong i enjoyed alot of games but all feel rehashed.

cakeisalie2904d ago

True alot of the games were rehashed. I had no idea Metro 2033 was so awesome until a Steam discount pushed me to get it, best 13usd i must have ever spent.

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The story is too old to be commented.