Nintendojo: GoldenEye 007 Review

GoldenEye is one of the more storied franchises in Nintendo system history, and Eurocom did a stellar job of revitalizing the franchise on Wii. Sadly, n-Space (an eminently competent developer in its own right) was unable to achieve the same feat on DS. The game, while technically sound in some ways, is also quite under-performing where it counts, especially with respect to the weapons, the targeting, and the online play. Those looking to relive the glory days should stick to the Wii version.

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Dsnyder2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

There are some games that are just so good that they cant be remade. Especially with a Call of Duty copy/paste style. This is one of them. Goldeneye was never meant to be on the Wii. This is just nintendo once again milking every game to death in order to get money. I hate the new nintendo. They used to be about innovation and REAL tecnological advances, not stupid gimmicks and milking. What happened to new ideas for games nintendo? When will we see something new? When will you see your customers as something more than talking wallets again?

poopface12902d ago

its made by activision, they have the bond license.

They got the liscense right after goldeneye was released, and activision has never made a great bond game like GE. Now they try to leech off the success of a game they had nothing to do with.