Sony Patent Reveals The Ultimate PlayStation Move Controller That Never Was

The PlayStation Move managed to do what the Wiimote never could – provide 1:1 motion tracking in a 3D space, but many still see the controller as a simple copy of Nintendo’s popular motion device. Now, according to a Sony patent, it has been revealed that the company once had bigger plans for the Move, and were open to adding far more features to the device.

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doctorstrange2786d ago

Might have been a bit too complicated, but I'd love to have seen what games could have come out of this

Sev2786d ago

Its almost like they wanted to make it double as a mouse. One of those has an analog stick. They should have kept it like that honestly so even a second Move could act as a Nav controller.

doctorstrange2786d ago

I think an analog stick could have opened it up to a bunch of games where you can move around, and use 2 motion controllers

Vherostar2786d ago

They no doubt cut things off it to save on initial costs.

doctorstrange2786d ago

Much as I'd love the controller, a £150 controller would have been insane

milohighclub2785d ago

they should of kept the analog i'd rather pay a bit more for that and only have to buy 2 of those instead of 2 move and nav controllers.....

marison2785d ago ShowReplies(2)
NJShadow2786d ago

Pressure from pushing down? That's something that Nintendo would have DEFINITELY utilized, kinda like they're doing with uDraw now. But man, that would've been neat.

Teddybee2786d ago

Woulda been pretty cool to see what they could have come up with

Theonik2785d ago

uDraw is not a Nintendo game.

wolfehound222786d ago

That's pretty unique. Would of been cool to see it action

godzilla2122786d ago

Maybe there's a prototype lying around somewhere, here's hoping some footage comes out

TheGameFoxJTV2786d ago

It wouldn't be compatible with anything.

doctorstrange2786d ago

Prototype games from when/if they made the device

poopoojames2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Very cool, perhaps we could see this used with the PS4.

CobraKai2786d ago

But I agree that some of this tech will be utilized in the controller for PS4 should they continue with motion sensing

blumatt2786d ago

I hope my Move controllers will still be usable on the PS4's move titles. I don't want to have to replace them all, personally. I bought 4 of 'em. lol

ravinash2785d ago

That could happen.
We've been needing to get new dualshock controllers each generation, so we could be some features from this.

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The story is too old to be commented.