3 Stunning Burnout Paradise Direct-Feed Videos

GameSpot has posted 3 exclusive direct-feed gameplay videos from upcoming Criterion racer, Burnout Paradise for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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MK_Red3731d ago

I can't get enough ot those crazy crashes. Those beautiful next-gen crashes bring tears to my eyes.

Fighter3731d ago

Those graphics look amazing and I can't wait to play it in HD whether it's 720p or preferably 1080p. Criterion has done a great job, other devs should learn from them.

BTW, how can someone disagree with you? Must be blind or a total moron not to appreciate those videos.

matt1609773731d ago

Thanks alot for the videos.... CANNOT WAIT!

Alcohog3731d ago

General Lee horn while flying through the air...brilliant.

MaximusPrime3730d ago

niccccce videos.

These comes from Xbox 360 but i really wanted to see the PS3 version.

MK_Red3730d ago

1UP reported that both versions are equally stunning, running at 60 fps. And this is Criterion :)