Onimusha Strikes The VGA’s? Will Samonsuke Return HHGS 12/5/10

1. NetflixHD Subscription Coming Soon
2. Gamestop Entering Playstation Home? This will be huge
3. Sony guest stars on the HipHopGamerShow
4. 007 James Bond: Bloodstone 9.0/10

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theafroman2933d ago

vga very western oriented it will be surprising to see any japanese reveal.

EYEamNUMBER12933d ago

revealing anything that is mainly popular in japan in this case onimusha at the VGA's is like revealing the next call of duty at TGS

Blaze9292933d ago

Onimusha 360/PS3 needs to happen NOW! long as it isn't like Dawn of Dreams.

blackblades2933d ago

It'll be funny if they did revealed it your going to look like a dumbass.

Lifendz2933d ago

Amazing what a new tv will do for your games. Surprised you didn't cop a 3D tv. Good show.

poopface12932d ago

If only his wasnt HHG(or pathcer), Id be hopeful for a new onimusha.

Aslo "sony" as a guest star, must be exciting.

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deadreckoning6662933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Mm...surprisingly I actually saw the difference of the 240Hrtz TV. The smoothness in that train scene is unbelievable.

On another note, you previously stated that the Blu-Ray combo thing would be coming next 2009! How do we know that your not just guessing when you say it again now? Also, I remember you saying that PSN trophies could be redeemable for Home dollars this 2009! I like the content of your shows..I just don't know how credible you are.

MAG_SVER2933d ago Show
NovusTerminus2933d ago

For the love of god PLEASE!!! Let this game come back!

Croash2933d ago

Samonsuke? It's Samanosuke!

And I'd really like Onimusha 5, it's unbelievable how Capcom could forget such a great franchise after the amazing Dawn of Dreams.

clintos592933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Im with u, & the return of soki would be pure bad azz. I mean check out his transformation into "The Black Oni". What a freakin beast.

guigsy2933d ago

Capcom, forget your new crappy franchises, let's see the return of Onimusha and Dino Crisis!

Jawmuncher2933d ago

I don't know who disagreed but screw you.
Dino Crisis and Onimusha need a comeback.

Bass_fisherman2933d ago

Dino Crisis is begging for a reboot in my opinion.

TheRealWar2933d ago

I used to love Dino Crisis, then they put dinosaurs in space ...

Simon_Brezhnev2933d ago

they would fuck it up and westernize Onimusha

ape0072933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

yep like Resi5, westernization kinda ruin it, I enjoyed it but not anywhere near Resi4, I Say keep the west west and the east east please Japan devs like the good old ps2, gamecube and xbox Era

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The story is too old to be commented.