What's the Lifespan of a Review Score?

Is a 10 a 10 forever? How do you perceive a review score of a game that came out a decade ago?

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mikeslemonade2935d ago

It's basically a 10 at its time when you compare it to other similair releases at that time. How fast the games perception of quality should drop is based on the competition of other games. There is no game that is a 10 when you compile all the scores and avg them. You should never base a game from just on one review.

darthv722935d ago

It is a statement of the obvious that there will be better things to come. Do you wait for that time or do you give a score to something you feel is relevant now.

There are several "retro" revies in publications and websites. Nothing wrong with looking back on something and reevaluating its score while understanding the differences in current titles.

I would still go back and give LoZ OOT a great score because that game represented what Nintendo perceived as 'close to' perfection at the time. Even in light of graphical advancements today.

There are even cases of retro reviews where the scores have gotten better over time. Go figure, maybe it is because of the personal satisfaction the reviewer got playing it again and remembering why they liked it in the first place.