What You Might Have Seen In Gran Turismo 5 If You Weren't Going So Darn Fast

Kotaku writes: ''A Yakuza 3 ad, an Engrish restaurant sign and ... George Clooney? Gran Turismo 5 is an amazingly detailed game, though some of that detail on its Tokyo race course is a bit strange.
Reader Dean A. sent these in''

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Dramscus2935d ago

Thats pretty awesome. Though I have to wonder how much of that is accessible by car.
Also if much of it isn't it seems like wasted processing power o.O

Though it's probably part of his plan to make an open world gran turismo game some time.

Dark_Charizard2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Why is the second picture so pixelated where as the others are so stunning?

Hideo_Kojima2935d ago

its really zoomed in because its far away from the track

picture 2 is a zoomed in version of picture 1.

I laughed at the picture with the fast food shop that has the words:

How is the box lunch!!

This is epic I've never noticed this things while driving though maybe i will drive ny slowlly one time and take a tour :P

Brawler2935d ago

My favourite part is where they used photobucket and went over bandwidth failsite is fail

HolyOrangeCows2935d ago

"Also if much of it isn't it seems like wasted processing power"

Did you just call George a waste of processing power? You sonuva-

Ducky2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Well, most of it is just a texture plastered onto a box or plane. So it wouldn't be that consuming in terms of processing power.

Though the amount of detail does seem to suggest something beyond the scope of just a racing track.

-- The second picture is pixelated because it's a close-up of the map in the first picture. The texture used for the map probably wasn't that big so it looks pixelated up-close.. =/

writersblock2935d ago

Not Really
Its just stuff in the background. Otherwise you'd have a track surrounded by black space

Hideo_Kojima2935d ago

but for example you could have a house with a garage you didnt have to place a bike next to it did you?

they tried to make the towns look alive.

STONEY42935d ago

Some of those are standard buildings. You can't change the windows on standard buildings, and they don't have interiors. Here's a premium building.

Information Minister2935d ago

LMAO! I see what you did there.

Seriously though, I think George Clooney is gonna sue somebody.

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ForzaGT2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

BUT that is just ridiculous for a racing game

MaximusPrime2935d ago

wow. nice collection of images.

i spent most of my time speeding and watching the track during races.
i spent most of my time adoring cars during replays.

I should really stop driving my car and use photoshoot in Tokyo, Madrid, London etc :P

Sunny_D2935d ago

The scene kind of looked real from a glance until I saw the 2d trees more closely.

King-Leonidas2935d ago

lol should PD quit making GT and start 'The real tree simulator'

King-Leonidas2935d ago

lol i drive so darn fast with my tuned Z4m BMW that i barely noticed that they put so much detail on the tracks

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