Jack Thompson Wants to Subpoena George Bush reports: "Embattled attorney Jack Thompson filed documents with a federal court in Florida yesterday, requesting to subpoena President George W. Bush for a deposition in what appears to be an increasingly desperate fight to retain Thompson's license to practice law..."

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TheBigL053R4092d ago

Any bad for Jack news is good news to me

MK_Red4092d ago

1.Awesome pic.
2.I still can't figure how those stupid doctors said he is mentaly sane.

ShiftyLookingCow4092d ago

cant wait to assassinate him in GTA.

ReBurn4092d ago

He's a blight on attorneys everywhere.

tonsoffun4092d ago

Finally - like I said, give him enough rope and he'll hang himself.

It looks like he is severely clutching at straws here in order to give himself more time.

But to be honest, that idiot of a man will soon no longer be a lawyer.

But he won't disappear - I think he'll try for some kind of office or some kind of tv show where he can spread his propaganda and lies about videogames

Instead of trying to ban these games, maybe, we should educate the parents to have a bit more responsibility regarding their childrens upbringing. It isn't the governments responsibility to police this sort of thing. It is the parents.

MattFoley4092d ago

Mark my words I bet he'll end up as an anchor for Fox news.

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The story is too old to be commented.