Blu-ray Gets A New Major Supporter

Asus has rolled up its sleeves and jumped into the next-generation optical disc format fight on the side of Blu-ray Disc. This week it announced a multi-format DVD writer with the ability to play BD media.

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IchigoBleach4115d ago

I'm just so excited for Asus!! They'll turn the tides in the war, that's for sure.........=/

MK_Red4115d ago

Wow, major indeed. Asus is one of the big guys in hardware side and could make a superb ally for Blu-ray.

Ri0tSquad4115d ago

...this war is already becoming something of the past Blu ray is going to win.

cuco334115d ago

this war won't be over 'any day now' but more of years from now. by the time 1 format 'wins' it'll have put itself out the race. expect both to win and dual format players to pick up pace soon as they become more available and cheaper for the consumer.

as for this new major supporter, don't read more into it. asus just said they are supporting BD, they didn't mention NOT supporting HD DVD. reminds me of ACER where 1 week they said yeeeah BD then this week said yeeeah HD DVD as well

Naruto4115d ago

Wow, major indeed. Asus

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4115d ago

Damn there choice of side is going to have a major impact in this war.

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The story is too old to be commented.