Halo 1 remake: Is there any point?

CVG: Sure moving down remake road is great for a bit of gaming nostalgia - it's a route Sony has taken time and time again with the latest HD remastering being the Sly Cooper Collection - but is there really any point above and beyond that?

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NYC_Gamer2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

millions of people would buy it

ZombieAssassin2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yep, they wouldn't even have to remake it entirely all they need to do is touch it up a bit and it would still sell millions day one...unless it didn't have MP then it might not do so good in this day and age.

WildArmed2929d ago

I'd love to see it remade w/ the Reach engine.

Gotta say, I used to play that game EVERYTIME i went over my friend w/ had an xbox :D

t0mmyb0y2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

w/ means 'with' not 'who' :)

AwakenTheTaco2929d ago

eh its tricky because the engine was completely different for ce. i mean dont get me wrong i agree with you but if it was made with reach's engine it could be a completely different experience.

TheGameFoxJTV2929d ago

@Awaken You do know that bungie uses the same engine for all the Halo games right? They just make improvements to it for each game. Lol, kinda how Valve does with the Source engine.

tplarkin72929d ago

It really depends on the remake.

I think it's a bad idea.

If it was an XBLA title for $20, it would be ok.

Halo 1 was a masterpiece. The real fun of the game was the lack of invisible walls and ceilings. The mystery of the Covenant is spoiled now. You'll never repeat that experience with a remake.

Munky_VIII2929d ago

I don't want it remade, if anything just do the remake like how they done Banjo-Kazooie on the Arcade.

King-Leonidas2929d ago

Release it for PS3 and im all over it.

Please no fanboy remarks, just dont bother since i wont answer

buckethead_9112929d ago

That would happen the same time Sony decides to bring God of War, or any other from the myriad number of exclusives it has to the 360.

ElementX2929d ago

One of the most retarded comments I've read in a long time. Ha, pathetic disclaimer, also.

King-Leonidas2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

so i cant be allowed to experience Halo because Sony wont release GOW3 or any other exclusives?

What's retarded about my comment? That i want to play a game? Isnt that the point of gaming?

Sorry i just wanted to play Halo

buckethead_9112929d ago

While you want to play Halo on the Playstation, there are millions of other people who want to experience Uncharted, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet etc. on the 360.

But that simply isn't possible because it makes no sense for Sony to release some of the biggest franchises home to the Playstation brand on a different console, especially the one they're competing with in the present generation.

Similarly, the same applies for Microsoft. In fact, even more for an IP which basically is the reason why they're still in the console market.

BattleAxe2929d ago

If they release it on GFWL or STEAM, I'll be happy.

rlm412929d ago

Stop being a fanboy and buy an Xbox

RedDead2929d ago

lol, watch out King leonidas, you hurt some feelings.
It will never come out for Ps3 though, MS own it.

crzyjackbauer2928d ago


Uncharted, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet
dont even make enough money together to beat Halo Sales
MS doesent neeed 50 1st party exclusives or bluray
your trying to bash on 360
you wish u had one

Kingmitch232928d ago


"Uncharted, Killzone, LBP
dont even make enough money together to beat Halo Sales"

Even if its true doesn't make Halo better

"MS doesent neeed 50 1st party exclusives or bluray"
Kinda pathetic, indicates a lower standard when less variety and quantity are tolerated by customers. But your right obviously MS does not need the same amount of exclusives (and I would argue same with quality)

"your trying to bash on 360
you wish u had one"

maybe he was trying 2 bash but its doesn't take much 2 not want a 360 (especially when u have a decent PC)

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UnbiasedTroll2929d ago

well leave the legend alone. Bring on 343 Halo 4. new and fresh things. But i wont pass the HD treatmeant with perhaps multiplayer and forge theatre support.

theonlylolking2929d ago

I know I would not since there are tons of shooters greater than halo:CE. I would much rather play halo reach that a CE remake.

karl2929d ago

the thing is that evil MS again... is going to try and market this as a hole new experience probably...

i wont be surprise if this remake is actually going to have ads and bundles.. LOL

again it would be great .. halo CE was the best of them all

Half_Life_32929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

buggie is owned by activision now not M$.
would be funny if it came to PS3 like mass effect 2 is :)

AwakenTheTaco2929d ago

it would be made by 343 who is owned by M$ and bungie doesnt own the rights anymore.

Half_Life_32929d ago

shame m$ killed the company rare they did make good games who knows they might port. m$ lacks first party devs but that explains their poor 2011 line up lmao.

duplissi2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


bungie has a contract with activision for one I.P.

they are in fact independant

palaeomerus2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Bungie is NOT owned by activision. Bungie is owned by Bungie. They have a 10 year publising agreement with Activision for one multiplatform IP.

Bungie also does not own the Halo IP. MS does. Future Halo development will be at the very least supservised by 343 Studios which is a new in-house studio wholly owned by MS that has several promionent former Bungie employees working there.

SixZeroFour2929d ago

not even close...bungies NEW IP is being PUBLISHED by activision for 10 years, and i believe MS still has first dibs to publish all bungie titles unless MS passes up on it

Lich1202928d ago

Its not just first dibs. MS owns the Halo IP, as a couple people have stated.

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VersusEM2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

GOW collection-prepare those who haven't played the series for the 3rd

Sly collection-there are still a lot of people who haven't played it yet

Team Ico collection-yeah EVEN ALOT LESS people who haven't played the 2 games yet plus it prepares them for The Last Guardian

But the Halo remakes only point is money, hell they might add some cool new features.

guigsy2929d ago

I'm sure many people have not played Halo 1. The series has grown a massive following since then.

NecrumSlavery2929d ago

A lot of guys missed out last gen.

GOW Collection was made to get people ready for the third one, but the rest is for an HD trip into our childhood pasts.

Halo Combat Evolved is the best of the series, and I think an HD remake would be great. having online to play those awesome maps. They should add all of Halo 2's maps as well. But if the remake it, they should really unty update in an HD resolution. I don't want to see a reboot. The can tweak the controls, but they don't need to make this a whole new game. Keep the nostalgia. And please do not charge $60 for it. Keep it affordable.

tdogchristy902929d ago

I'm neither going to agree or disagree. But I would have to bet that there are alot of 360 owners compared to the original xbox that didn't play the original halo. It was old news and graphics detered them. So it would be good for the new comers.

awiseman2929d ago

Halo remake is

GOW remakes was meaningfull? I mean ps3 has no backward compatablility.. GOW is likely the rson for that "convenient" omission

Xbox does.... and ppl played Halo 2 to death clear after the release of halo 3.

Cyrus3652929d ago

It'll do well, HD remakes are all doing well.

AcesHigh2912929d ago

If people want it then there is a point. Dumb question.

despair2929d ago

I don't get it, MP based games like Halo are not good choices for remakes, at least not as far as I would see. The SP of Halo CE sucked then and sucks even more now(repetitive environs, horrible vehicle controls, the flood, worst ending level except for Fear 2) and why play the HD remake MP when you have Reach MP?

AcesHigh2912929d ago

All apart of opinion. Many Halo fans (including my self) consider Halo 1 to be the best in the series.

despair2929d ago

no denying its addictive like hell for MP but is it worth remaking, maybe if they redo everything from scratch, but until I see how it will be I'll stand on my opinion that its unnecessary.

Lavagasm2929d ago

I would like to play Halo:CE over live.

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