Games for a hangover: Hexic HD (

BeefJack recommends another game to try if you're hungover.

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FLOWCity2811d ago

I remember when Video games were for kids...

kasasensei2811d ago

I used to play hexic hd to get asleep... One of the most boring games of all times.

awiseman2811d ago

This is pretty good game for puzzle lovers. It comes free with all Xbox 360 console packeges. I do not like puzzle games but I must admit that Haxic brings a fresh twist to the overdone join 3+ style.

tplarkin72811d ago

Good game! I think I have 100% achievements for it.

VladimirK2811d ago

I think it's a decent enough game, but I think if you have a hangover it's quite a bad choice of game.

Nothing will help that sore head like loads of bright, colourful hexagons spinning about.
(Not to mention if you've enables the option so that they have symbols on each one).