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Is the Wii a victim of its own success?

Wii sales have been dropping like rocks. Everyone who wanted a Wii has one already. Nintendo's success is now its downfall. Nintendo has the image of a console with a gimmick and a game library full of causal games, something Microsoft and Sony are trying to imitate. Will this branding hurt the next Nintendo console's success? Should Nintendo finally get out of the console hardware market and go the way of Sega? (MadWorld, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, Wii, Xbox 360)

EYEamNUMBER1  +   1612d ago
"Should Nintendo finally get out of the console hardware market and go the way of Sega?"

huh? why would they do that? they made boat loads of money and still make a healthy profit

sega on the other hand was making so many mistakes and loosing so much money
GigaGaia  +   1612d ago
SEGA still make so many mistakes.
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Dreassic  +   1612d ago
AAAND the gaming "press" continues their downwards spiral into irrelevancy with their continued wii hatred. Biggest bunch of clowns, who don't do their job of informing the masses unbiased, but rather act like little fanboys and corporate shills.
Dragon_Hiko  +   1612d ago
This is a very amusing article. And I don't even like the bloody thing, but I know it's not DEAD this year lol. And regardless of quality or anything else, nintendo has been raking in solid cash like no one else this gen. If they did stop RIGHT NOW, they would have so much money still that they could sit back and develop whatever type of console they want with whatever time frame they wanted to.

I honestly don't see Microsoft successfully taking a huge chunk out of nintendo's casual base...and Sony has always had a little casual, because they have a little bit of everything, so they won't take a huge chunk out of Nintendo either.

Something NO ONE seems to be talking about regardless, is how much BIGGER gaming is now than it even was 5 years ago. At the end of this generation I will not be surprised if all three current gen systems (providing plugs aren't pulled on systems while they are still selling IE Nintendo) will sell over 100 million, with at least 1 or 2 passing the ps2. Gaming is just THAT MUCH BIGGER now than before, and it's going to continue to grow.
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Gr81  +   1612d ago
Holy Shit
This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Wii sold more this black friday then last years black friday. The lineup is filled with more than the so called 'casual games'

And Wii continues to trounce the competition.

Just because you want to parot a certain narative doesn't make it true. I could claim the world is flat at the top of my lungs, doesn't mean it is. I could even be like chicken little and scream the sky is falling, have some chump believe me, and a couple chumps believe me, but that won't make it so.

Incredible, for years Wii has been proving every single nay sayer wrong, and yet like a bunch of dumb asses the same folks continue to throw $ behind a losing horse. Calling for doom..here's a news flash, No one gives a damn about Move, outside the Sony fateful, and M$ can inflate Kinect numbers all they want but only time will tell what's in store for their add on.

The only thing of relevance is the fact that wii is 30-35m units ahead of their competitors, this war is over. Quit bitchin already.
AWBrawler  +   1612d ago
Waste of breath, they refuse to listen i have this same debate with my bro, who blames Nintendo for cooking momma (a game made by Majesco, I believe).

fanboys just say what they want to make their console seem superior and others seem crap
Dac2u  +   1612d ago
@Arius Dion
According to these people the world is flat:

On Topic:
Nintendo's not going anywhere, the 3DS is going to sell as well if not better than the DS. Then, Nintendo will have TWO money printing machines. If people continue to buy Nintendo hardware at the same rate as or better than the other two companies, then Nintendo is in no trouble.

Even if their next system flops, it doesn't mean they won't bounce back in the next gen, just look at how the GameCube did in comparison to the Wii.
JimmyJames70  +   1612d ago
Yay! Long live the Wii!
Samus HD  +   1612d ago
who wrote this article is filled full of jealousy
Wii is nr.1 this Gen - just admit it
poopoojames  +   1612d ago
the wii nearly killed the ps3 for gods sake
Parapraxis  +   1612d ago
Hardly, you just refuse to take off your fanboy goggles. Your avatar suits you.

That being said, it definitely is a solid console and is certainly in no need of resuscitation. This holiday season will most likely be very good to Nintendo, as have been the last 4 years.

The Wii is a household name, and the lineup this year and next is fantastic.
I do not personally own a Wii, but I can understand why it does so well.
badkolo  +   1612d ago
all the guys here know what happened, Nintendo blew thier wad and now theres nothing left, not saying it wont ride this tide out but thats what happens when your the hottest selling item so fast and then have nothing to keep that momentum going years later.

there is a huge possibility that in the next 2 years, the wii ends up in third in overall sales. Both the ps3 and the 360 have made it clear they are here for a few more years, they just introduced there own motion controls and each passing day the wii just falls behind in all aspects.

a new mario here and a new donkey kong game there will let them stroll on through this gen it isnt strong enough to keep the lead.
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Parapraxis  +   1612d ago
The Wii could be off store shelves for 2 years and it would still most likely hold it's grip on 1st place. You are clearly delusional.
scissor_runner  +   1612d ago
What games are the ps3 getting that sold well next year?

Nintendo is getting dragon quest, last story, Zelda, not to mention over 5 dev houses have no released details of new projects.

On top of this if nintendo does jump to next gen after Zelda you do relize f zero and killer instinct along with a Mario galaxy on par with Mario 3 or Mario world would be a seriously balanced hardcore assult.

Then to think nintendo did this with a system that doesn't have a true party system online and a controller that is suppose to be less accurate. These things can be easily fixed next gen with a jump in power.

Out of all the hardware maker nintendo is ready for next gen since they perfected their game play already in 3d games and showed sega they can still do 2d as well as ever.

Bwii can be retooled to go gritty or super deformed, smash can have battle royals with 30 players if they wanted with no lag.

Conduit could actualy be a consented for hd fps along with a new red steel, who knows.

I think your just wishing the Wii would stop. If it keeps selling then you get a next gen system faster if it stops then you get the same. I believe production has already started in house. The 3rd tools are going to work on the next system it seems also( third party tools).

Look at dkc and look at gt5 and tell me which one is going to sell new systems. Your getting kz3 yet not many liked the last one. Lbp2 is going up against dkc, Mario 5, and epic yarn yeah thats going to work.

With gt5 ps3 has lost a lot of momentum. We all see that. On top of all of this the Wii is selling a little under what the other system sold. Yet it's dieing ok can you say wishful thinking?

The Wii only sells when games people want come out. It doesn't sale based on replacement or broken system. This is why core games and casual game can both be seen selling over 10 million.

Mario 5, Mario kart.
Wii fit, resort

You may not like these games yet 10-20 million people do.
DNAbro  +   1612d ago
No it won't, their is almost zero chance it will end in last.
danielle007  +   1612d ago
They've had Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, Metroid Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Endless Ocean games this year.

Plus they've had a lot of other exclusives that aren't first party, like Epic Mickey, Tatstunoko vs Capcom, GoldenEye, Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, etc.

The Wii still has momentum. Obviouslyyy.
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danielle007  +   1612d ago
Nintendo has a full library of great games now.
It really can't be denied. Their first party games have been nothing but stellar, disregarding Wii Music.

Plus, how can this be said when the Wii line up just this year has been amazing? Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby Epic Yarn, etc.

C'mon. I wasn't a fan of the Wii for a while, especially post-E3 2008, but now I'm completely on board because they've shown that they do <3 their core gamers, and that Nintendo still knows what's up. :)
spooky205  +   1612d ago
Im a gamer and i approve this message........

On topic. Everything, no matter how popular, reaches a saturation point. Has the wii reached that saturation point? Perhaps...Perhaps not. It has a really good lineup of games being released and quite frequently.
DarkFantasy  +   1612d ago
my favorite wii games not in any order Golden eye 007,Monster Hunter Tri,Super Mario Galaxy 2,Kirbys epic yarn, Donkey Kong C,Mario Kart,NSMBwii,Zelda,rune factory,and lots of downloadable classics and im really hyped for skyward sword!. i use to hate the wii as well but i got one and i love it,only thing the wii is missing is better online support.its far from dead,the wii wont go down that easily and its only geting better. i wish people weren't such fanboys,when your a fanboy you miss out on a lot of games.
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DarkFantasy  +   1612d ago
XD LOOOL Dissagreeing fangirls LMFAO!!!
Moerdigan  +   1612d ago
Those piles of Red Wii bundles I saw in Best Buy before blackfriday were wiped out a week after, and I still saw all variations of 360 and PS3 bundles remaining on shelves. I did see white and black Wii's though.

I'm pretty sure Wii is doing fine for itself.
Stealth20k  +   1612d ago
the wii outsold every other console worldwide for the last 2 weeks?

sales dropping huh?
Enigma_2099  +   1612d ago
Once ANYTHING saturates a consumer market to a point, sales will ebb.
Denethor_II  +   1612d ago
The writer mentions games like Metriod, Donkey Kong and Super Mario as being an example of only a handful of hardcore games, and damns them. He then, arrogantly, goes on to say maybe they should become a software company, disregarding the fact Nintendo have sold more consoles then their competitors. Maybe he should pick on Microsoft for completely abandoning their core audience by turning Master Chief into skittles.
sp1deynut  +   1612d ago
The way I see it....
...the majority of Wii owners are victims of the Wii's success. It sold so quickly because it was "new and different"...a fad gadget, with a hefty pricetag. Anyone who knew anything about gaming, knew the Wii was a repackaged, overpriced GameCube. The motion controls were what sold it...not the games....and the vast majority of Wii titles are low-quality ports and quick cash grabs. The only games worth mentioning are the Nintendo 1st party titles...and most of them are rehashes and/or sequels to SNES/N64/GameCube games, that could have just as easily been done on the GC. The only reason the Wii was released is because the GC was such a failure, and Nintendo needed a reboot to salvage their image, and their investment....much like MS releasing Windows 7 so soon after Vista, with very little changed.
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Heavy_Rain  +   1612d ago
I agree. Its not such a big deal Wii won. I mean Nintendo has lost the last couple of console wars and it was due they did something. I guess next gen they might lose and microsoft might take the crown or Sony once again. No one knows what is going to happen next gen. All these companies will get a chance to stay at the top sometimes and will also stay at the bottom sometimes. The reason I like Sony is inspite of starting slowly this gen they never ever stopped giving great games. Nintendo I cannot say the same about with refernce to Gamecube and N64. All I know is whichever position Sony is in next year the games that come form them will always be brilliant.
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turok  +   1611d ago
wtf are u talking about?
"...the majority of Wii owners are victims of the Wii's success."

no we arent victims. someone needs to read my blog post lol.
felix88  +   1612d ago
Just another day.

Their mascot fit them well.
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eaglethorn  +   1612d ago
Don't get me wrong, the Wii is a fine console and platform for video games. However, the Wii is a class of its own then the PS3, and with that, Xbox 360. I try to stick to the belief that you can enjoy all consoles for what they are and acknowledge what technology has allowed us to do in the last 20 years of gaming. To compare them and say one is higher on the a scale then another is asinine. If you disagree, go have some fun with PC gaming. Not going to lie, I enjoy that too.
ChickeyCantor  +   1612d ago
Yes it is,
Its drowning in its own money.
*Badaboom tshh*
laaakokaracha  +   1612d ago
I bought a ps3 3 years ago...a Xbox 2 years ago....and a Wii last week!

I love that machine...games are awesome...and yes I bought it mainly because of the line up for next year!

The only thing I have to criticize is why Nintendo doesnt announce translation for Xenoblade...imo best rpg in the past 10 years
Trroy  +   1612d ago
SOftware sales are money, not hardware. The Wii is doing much better, in terms of hardware, than it ever has in software -- be careful of confusing the two, especially now that Wiis are sold with 2 controlls, 2 games, and a nunchuk, and the console itself hasn't dropped much below its original buildcost (hey... its 2002 tech).

That said, the Wii is far from a failure, or dead, or whatever. Still, its not the huge success many people believe it is, either. The article takes one side of the argument too far, but don't dismiss the idea too offhandedly.
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agingerbreadbum  +   1612d ago
no way in gaming hell would they go out of buisness. they are leagues ahead of the competition. While most gamers don't like it because of it's capabilities, the casual market has adopted it. And it's not a bad system, sure it's like your playing a last gen game with a wiggle feature, but if I had all the good games on the wii, my 360 would decompose (as much as I wish upon that star, a ps3 won't appear on my doorstep). The worst that could happen is that the wii2 is a flop and nintendo sells it's next console at a deficit, creating something truly extraordinary (unlikely, but not a bad future IMHO).
jneul  +   1612d ago
wii sales are fines heck look at black friday sales, look like wii is returning back to normal for the holidays, but as for software why on earth aren't thos 70+m owners buying core games like mickey i mean come on learn to support good games, not casual ones like wii party which is fun for about 5 minutes
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Venox2008  +   1611d ago
..kchem kchemm.. :)
..Wii is a great console, I was saying and I will again again and again.. I own many consoles, I do enjoy them all, when I was buying wii, I buyed it for games, not for a controls and not for graphics. Wii has great looking games and no one can't deny it, except those games from lazy devs and lazy ports. There are many many great games and not showelware, but many gamers don't know those :/ too bad..

on topic: wii is doing great and I hope this console will sell a lot in a future, jelous people just SU, wii won this generation, no one knows what will be in a future.. and many people like I am don't need WiiHD :)
Sugreev2001  +   1611d ago
It's still the highest selling home console Nintendo has made,outselling even the mighty NES...so I believe they are more than happy with the outcome this generation.
Mahr  +   1611d ago
I mean, when you consider that in the last three years Nintendo has made around twelve billion dollars and that by even the most conservative estimates three of those billions were due to the Wii, it is kind of difficult to take this sort of article seriously.

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