Burnout Paradise Hands-on: Stunning at 60 fps

Thankfully not content with a shinier sequel, Criterion is reinventing its fabled racing franchise for this generation of consoles (the Burnout Revenge 360 port was more of a facelift). Gone are the linear tracks and tiered level structure; Burnout Paradise takes place in one enormous city that's open from the start and never stops to load. And lest you fret, the game still blazes by at 60 frames a second, the buttery-smooth visuals complemented by cars that crumple more convincingly than ever. The series is still about viscerally destructive driving, and the audio-visual impact of hitting a wall at 200 m.p.h. is as "next-gen" as anything we've experienced.

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MK_Red4093d ago

This is next-gen racing and quite frankly, my most anticipated game of 2007. Burnout FTW! The game looks insanely hot.

ShiftyLookingCow4093d ago

too bad it isnt coming out in 2007, but it is stunning

MK_Red4092d ago

Oh God. I always forget that. :( Have to wait till 2008.

Shaka2K64093d ago

Looks better and more fun.

BubblesDAVERAGE4093d ago

ps3 is the lead console of course its gonna be like that..

Lord Anubis4092d ago

with the PS3 being the lead platform and a team like Criterion it will be interesting what they can do with CELL. After all they have talked alot about its power.

MaximusPrime4092d ago

this game is one of the reasons why i bought PS3.

cant wait!

Bathyj4093d ago

I'd love to see this game in 1080p. If PS3 truely is the lead platform they should be able to do it no problem.

C'mon Criterion, if Ridge Racer and GT5 can do it.

Best Arcade racing series bar none. This is why I've never been interested in PGR or any recent Ridge Racers since RR4.

Arkham4092d ago

1080p with that amount of physics detail is unlikely at this point.

Maybe in a year or two, but seriously... If you're trolling: please stop it. If you're not, just relax and enjoy whatever the hell they manage to produce because it's going to be very, very sweet on both platforms.

Bathyj4092d ago

I'm not trolling.

I have a 1080p tv and I'd like this game to be in 1080p, especially with that amount of debris and particle effects.