Guitar Hero 3 Wii Online After All

In a shocking reversal of previous news that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on Wii would not have its promised online multiplayer at launch, Activision subsidiary and publisher RedOctane clarified to Joystiq that the Wii edition will have online multiplayer when it releases in October.

RedOctane president and co-founder Kai Huang apparently confused the title's decidedly present online multiplayer with its up-in-the-air support for downloadable content, presumably a result of the Wii's limited internal storage. Wii version developer Vicarious Visions is said to be working with Nintendo in its attempts to find a possible workaround.

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djt234093d ago

that what i am talking about

codenamelenny4092d ago

This is good news, I was pissed to think they lied to us. Downloadable tracks would be nice but it's not necessary, it alreday has a lot of tracks anyways.

Rooftrellen4092d ago

No online was a killer for me. I wasn't going to get it when I heard that.

No downloadable content? That, I don't care about at all, unless its something they're "giving" us because the game isn't done, in which case I would go back to knowing I'm not getting it, but I wouldn't get it even if it was fixed (give me a finished game or nothing, I say).

I don't think that's the case, though, so having online, yeah, it's back to me getting it, now.