Never Seen Before Graphic Effects in Valves Source Engine

A German amateur developer works on an Source Engine mod, that includes never seen before graphic effects in Valves game engine. The position of the celestial bodies is dependent from season and clime. Right now the 2D skybox uses one texture with some overlays applied and a procedurally generated static mesh for stars. All weather effects, daytime, clime and season are synced between client and server. Weather is randomly applied based on the current climate and the time of day can be read from the hosts computer.

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Bass_fisherman2510d ago

Looks impressive to say at least

PLASTICA-MAN2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

You think this is impressive?
Well take a look at this:
YES,THEY ARE BASED ON SOURCE ENGINE and they are the best upcoming mods for it!
The first is made by a programmer who used to work on Miror's Edge and the second one got extremely revamped after a very skilled programmer joined the development.
If such developpers can do wonders from aging engines, I wonder what they can do with best available engines !

Edit: At FatOldMan: Dear Easter was built on the first source engine ever released that is even extinct now and now it undergoing a plastic surgery and the second one is the long awaited Blade Symphony that was also built on the first engine but got redone too many times and that's the level the new developpers want to achieve .

Ducky2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I thought Dear Esther was already released.

Didn't know it was being rebuilt.
That mod is one of the few examples of a video game being art. =)

What mod/game is that second one though?
EDIT: Did some digging, Blade Symphony.
Thanks for the edit though. ;)


The Source Engine may now look as the most outdated engine but it is not the case, because it is the most versatile engine. With many tweaks, you can make the games on par with recent released ones ( by the way, Valve updated all their old released games with HDR,dynamic shadows,etc...). I have downloaded the benchmark tech demo released by valve after the launch of Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and I was impressed by the tech Valve could have implemented in Half-life 2 Episode 2 : heavy rain,volumetric smokes, volumetric lights, random moving volumetric particles (SPOILER: that will be used for the Particle Storm in Episode 3), but Valve didn't want to include them at that time fearing that most of the people couldn't run it smoothly (by the way I have a good PC that lagged to run it), so valve opted for performance, so that many people can buy their games like they did omit the super high definitions textures for Team Fortress 2.
But now we witness Valve throwing step by step a bit of those advanced technics in the new games like Parallax Textures and volumetric lights in Alien Swarm (labelled EP3_materials and EP3_effects by the way: a hint that EP3 is coming and will use those effects), so that means the upcoming games will be using these features beginning with Portal 2.

Shani2510d ago

It is crazy day-night lights and environment conditions. just like real.

To Plastica-Man:
That is awesome video and pic.
Thanks. Bubble up for u.

DigitalAnalog2510d ago

**looks at Plastica-man's link....

OH.... MY............................ ............................... .........

-End of Line

Spydiggity2510d ago

that Dear Esther video is nuts. good link.

JohnnyBadfinger2510d ago

I would buy that game as is.

LOL'd at the end... i meant i cant really talk... i do the same thing, if i cant land a tail whip on some punk arse dinosaur i start throwing cars too...

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CombineElite2510d ago

The Source Engine is the best gaming engine ever.

This Modder did one hell of a job and Valve is known to hire modders so this guy may have a new job soon.

great job.

RememberThe3572510d ago

And they say PC gaming is dead... I'm a console gamer and I know better than that. This guy has some serious talent. I've talking talked shit about the Source engine in my obvious ignorance. Color me impressed.

King-Leonidas2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

good thing im getting a decent gaming laptop so i can play these wonders

imvix2509d ago

The highest end Laptops can barely compete with entry level to midrange desktops of today. I would strongly recommend you get a desktop PC if you are half serious about PC gaming and its not too costly either anything around the range of 600-800usd will make an awesome gaming rig.

Ducky2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Mind = Blown

The effects are one thing, but I liked the stylized look even more.

MAJ0R2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

this is definitely impressive

you can get the same effects in games such as oblivion with mods

hell even morrowind you just need talented modders and anythings possible :)

MGRogue20172510d ago

Very impressive.

That guy should work for Valve

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Beahmscream2510d ago

Wow... I'm speechless great job!

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