Charlie’s Top 10: Worst Xbox 360 Games of 2010

In Charlie's next instalment of his personal top 10, he now takes a look into his top 10 for the worst games of 2010. It was pretty difficult to decide as there wasn't a huge disappointment of games on the Xbox 360, but there were a few games that were clear winners for this list. You can disagree with him if you like, but he knows that many will agree with him when they check the top three... although Destructoid might not. Again, you can argue that most of these are multi-platform, but do remember, Nave360 is an Xbox 360 site, so they have their reasons.

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rebirthofcaos2724d ago

lol, almost all of them are multiplatform.

Kran2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

if you read the description, you would understand that I stated that.


I also stated it in an article. And an article is meant to be read. And if you don't read it, then you are just lazy.

ChrisW2724d ago


No! The TITLE says, "Charlie’s Top 10: Worst Xbox 360 Games of 2010." We shouldn't have to read the retarded description to understand that these games aren't exclusive.

You've just been nominated for the "Laughing Stock Of" award.

B-3122724d ago


You are a complete idiot for saying "Worst Xbox 360 games" is like not long ago i saw a similar article stating "Worst PS3 games" and all of them where multiplatform.

Fanboys shouldn't be allowed to post their garbage here, if you are gonna talk about 360 games then talk about 360 games, if you are gonna talk about PS3 games then talk about PS3 games.

femshep2724d ago

in the articles defense it doesn't say anywhere worst exclusive games anywhere

Kran2724d ago

unlike that other guy right?

awiseman2724d ago

yea fail list by fail author. Most of these games multiplat.

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femshep2724d ago

lost planet 2 wasn't that bad so long as you had 4 friends to play with....nier was a pretty sweet game something to play when there is nothing else to do.....and deadly premonition was an awesome games if you could realize that it's not meant to be taken seriously

otherwise i can agree with the list

tacosRcool2724d ago

Lost Planet 2 is a great game

Kran2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

The problem is, Im a serious gamer, so I do take games seriously. And I am a reviewer, so I kind of have to.

Also, to those, like in the previos article, who ask:


Well. My name is Charlie Murray. I am a student, studying games design at college, and I own an Xbox 360. Good enough? :)


Again. Seriously? Have you got to offend every person who has different opinions than yours?

And does it exactly matter how many bubbles I have? And i didnt waste the bubble on defending myself. That was an edit.

ChrisW2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Yes, you are a professional reviewer. Like so many of them who never actually play the games they're reviewing. (Which is unfortunately true...) But on the flip-side, you actually admit that you never played Dark Void... which merits some credit, but not much.

SIGH... I wish you didn't have only 3 bubbles, or that you WASTED your last bubble, so that you could actually defend yourself some more.

ChrisW2724d ago

GEEEZ... offense is only given where it is taken.

Now, I'm sorry if you took offense to my berating you, but you've not seen what will become of this forum because it's only a Sunday morning and most people aren't even checking N4G, yet. Consider my belittlement as salt-candy to what you're about to receive if-and-when the rest of the community actually gives you the light of day.

And... Jesus love you!

SeraphimBlade2724d ago

Mafia II? Really? No masterpiece, to be sure. But the controls? I thought it was pretty playable. Plot? Pretty straightforward, with a few recurring characters that show up to late in the game for their own good. If you play it all at once, it's pretty easy to follow(crap ending, though. Or rather no ending) Voice-acting? Okay, the main character wasn't spectacular, but the rest of the main cast were really good, I thought. I know the author keeps stressing it's his opinion, but that doesn't mean I can't disagree.

Deadly Premonition? It's the Plan 9 of video games. Despite ass production values, it IS playable (mostly an RE4 clone during actual gameplay) and you can enjoy every last bit of baffling writing and presentation. there's a part where this really cheery background music is playing when you and the sheriff and discuss that the killer could have knelt and masturbated in front of the corpse. This game is the most awesome kind of bad.

Sebianoti2724d ago

Problem is... He never played most of the games... Mafia 2 is my fav game

Lavalamp2724d ago

Nier, really? The game is a gem. Way to rashly assume that Square Enix had a hand in its design just because they published it. It was developed by Cavia (a tid bit you neglected to include in your article). And by calling it "Final Fantasy XIII from hell", you're just making false generalizations of the JRPG. How unprofessional.

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