Why is Call of Duty so successful?

History, mused Mark Twain, does not repeat - but it does sometimes rhyme. And so it seems that Call Of Duty - one of the most artistically and commercially successful game franchises ever - is in danger of falling in the same way it once rose.

Activision has spent much of 2010 desperately trying to downplay the importance of several key Infinity Ward staffers defecting to EA, but the symmetry of the situation can't be lost on them.

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The Matrix2541d ago

The armed forces setting is very relate-able to the general public and thus brings in a broad crowd of casual and hardcore gamers. A lot of the people who play it aren't even big video game players. Also, all it took was one really good game (CoD 4) to create a incredible amount of hype for the sequel...and then the next one and the next one etc.

jammy_702541d ago

It's like mainstream music, it's shite but everybody likes it....

Chubear2541d ago

Because they've found a great way to make anyone feel like they are Uber at playing a game. It's super friendly and easy and that's the main appeal to the masses and newage gamers.

-Alpha2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Why is any game successful? Appeal. There is or has been some qualitative factor to the series that grabbed many gamers.

I think it's because COD4 established a very addictive and fun formula. So fun that Activision milks the game every year and alters it slightly because overhauling it risks losing the audience that clearly still comes back for more.

So long as people aren't tired of the formula the franchise will continue to be successful based on association and familiarity.

And quite honestly the heart of the game is still fun. But it wont ever retain that X factor COD4 had until the series gets the overhaul that it needs

Ducky2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It's popular because there really hasn't been any game competing with it recently.

EA's been just idling by and only recently did they start pumping more Battlefield/MoH games.
Otherwise, if you want a fast-paced online shooter, how many options did you have a year ago?

Having tight and fluid controls, good graphics and frame-rate, demo-recording tools (PC) along with other features help it as well.

... but now I'm merely summarizing the article. =/

In modern times, CoD series has probably had the biggest impact on the FPS genre. (For better or for worse) ... and hey, why not when most people find it to be fun.

captain-obvious2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

4 players split screen offline and online MP
4 players split screen offline and online zombie
believe it or not those 2 make it a great party game
add to that its easy to just pick up the controller and play it
this is why alot of casuals like this game and this is why it sells

Washington-Capitals2541d ago

I think whats worse then call of duty is how badly Apple has brainwashed people to buy their products. Iphone4 is one of the worst smart phones available on the market yet people gladly through 600$ towards it.

ZombieNinjaPanda2541d ago


It's like McDonalds.

Everyone knows it's crap, everyone knows it's unhealthy for you, but they enjoy it, and it's cheap.

visualb2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

3 factors:

Instant rewarding/unlockables
Accessible (mostly due to lack of challenge)

PinkFunk2541d ago

Well, @Alpha explains it pretty well. COD4 was a great game, and its gameplay formula was very solid. It kept me playing it for a very long time, and long nights. Passing the controller back and forth between my friend and I, getting high, and ripping it online.

How many times can it be milked before it really gets stale? Well I think it's stale now, but tens of millions don't agree with me. IMO, as long as the competition keeps evolving then it's only a matter of time before it surpasses COD in mass appeal. In quality, it has already been surpassed, IMO, thought further refining needs to be done (KZ3 should be on point with that). Anyone actually play MAG? I just bought it several days ago along with the Move and I f***ing love it. Totally underrated and definitely my favorite FPS atm.

If Activision cares about their product, they'll invest enough time in ensuring the next COD developer will be able to give the franchise the significant evolution it requires. Because it does need to catch up, in terms of quality, and surely its already existing fame combined with this new approach will help it stay on top. That's IF Activision cares about quality, cares about some sort of "vision", cares about their developers, and I doubt that considering how they reacted with Infinity Ward.

I'm not siding with the masses, I care not for Activision or COD. I give COD4 and the original Infinity Ward its due respect and I look toward KZ3 for that quality and care I expect from its developers and its publisher.

BillOreilly2541d ago

Its just plain fun. Idk why everybody hates on these games so much, i guess its cool to hate whats popular but i love them. I love them for the campaign, have since i played cod on gamecube. Zombie mode rocks. Dont really play multiplayer but its fun because its fast and easy to get into. Modern warfare had an excellent campaign and black ops is epic so far.

jammy_702540d ago

@zombie yep buts it's so fucking tasty!!! Lol

BattleAxe2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I have a feeling that every other CoD game after this one won't have anywhere near these kinds of sales, especially if theres any kind of subscription or micro transaction fees. I'm really interested to see what RESPAWN is going to come out with next.

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MRHARDON2541d ago

*ACTIVISION grabs Stool*
*Walks Towards Cow*
*starts milking cow*
*Activision kills cow to eat*

PinkFunk2541d ago

Yup. But in the millions. And executed sloppily and prematurely.

Da_Evil_Monkey2541d ago

But if they kill their cow they can't milk it! :O

newflesh2540d ago

I buy it every year because I'm stupidly hoping they will recreate that magic feeling CoD4 had. But they didn't. I remember when I first got MW2 it was just so average in comparision to CoD4.

Call_me_Ishmael2541d ago

simple enough,its a fun game online,but the community,uhhhhhh.....

OtherWhiteMeat2541d ago

Nazi zombies......well, that's my excuse.

tacosRcool2541d ago

All the overhype that went along with the games