Pachter: "Handhelds are in trouble" from Apple threat, PSP2 is "going to be dead on arrival"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has revealed his thoughts that the handheld market is “in trouble,” and that when Sony do release their PSP2 it “is going to be dead on arrival.”

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wwm0nkey2565d ago

I wonder how much drugs he was on when he said this. Dedicated gaming handhelds > nondedicated gaming handhelds.

Dark_Charizard2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

He makes a good point, you know.

But Apple has entered the market.. something it didn't do in the last generation, pedobear.

longcat2565d ago

The dedicated handheld market grew by more than 75 million units since last gen. He has no point

longcat2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

"But Apple has entered the market.. something it didn't do in the last generation, pedobear."

Agreed, but do both devices target the same group?
Does the success of one logically predict the demise of the other?

In terms of quality of software, its apples and oranges, and i don't see myself completely abandoning experiences like Valkyria Chronicles, Peacewalker and GOW for the content that exists on phones.

Edit - My point is that he has no basis for these predictions - he's just pulling random thoughts out of his a$$.

Anarki2565d ago

Pachter - need I say more.

Game-ur2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

On the bonus round Pachter sang a different tone, he said the PSP2 is good if it does a lot more than games, and from the specs it does, also said it’s a lot more for game publishers because they can make a lot more money from selling 30-40$ games.

ngecenk2565d ago

he got a point. the problem is dedicated game handheld is proven not to be as success as casual gaming like DS and iPhone. i think sony shouldve notice this market behavior. handheld hardcore gaming is not as success as casual gaming. putting lots of bet on it wont do much.

portable gaming should be more on release than on quality. casual gamer does not dig into the deep when they do multitasking with it. but they do more consumptive than hardcore gamer.

sdtarm2565d ago

Fk Pachter should be banned from the internet :@@

morganfell2565d ago

I had an Iphone for quite a while. Without dedicated controls they are limited and frustrating.

HolyOrangeCows2565d ago

Pachter's Law: Everything Pachter says is the opposite of the truth - Looks like the PSP2 is going to be the most successful handheld of all time!

blackbeld2565d ago

Pachter is a big joke on the internet. I bet you he doesn't even know that.
How can he be an analyst when his predictions always have been wrong?

Karum2565d ago

You mean the DS isn't a dedicated gaming handheld? WTH is it then?

BillOreilly2565d ago

I love ipad/iphone gaming and the epic game shows it can be as good as a psp game and is more convienient but really the psp is old, i want near 360/ps3 levels on a portable handheld. The psp2 will give me that. Psp=ps2, psp2=ps3 or close enough to have games like uncharted, fallout 3, exc on it. Im sick of playing last gen games on the go, i want a portable oblivion, cod, red dead even if its downgraded a bit.

poopface12564d ago

people buy a handheld to play games, people dont buy a Iphone to play games. They just play some games on their phone.

You cant sell 30-40 dollar handheld games on the iphone, noone will buy that. All the big budget games will be on the 3ds/psp2.

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JLeVRT2565d ago

Some one got a nice bribe from Apple...

gamerdude1322565d ago

Even I don't think Apple would give money to this friggin' moron.

MazzingerZ2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It's like saying PC games (Zuma, etc) were a competition to console games...nothing to do with each other, there's people playing Zuma on the PC that will never play nor are interested in the likes of Resistance 3 or Halo and vice versa.

I'm just waiting for SONY to confirm the PSPhone so I can decide if I'm getting a PSP Go or the phone device but definitely I'm someone that wants to play real games, don't care about other type of games

This is the same thing as on consoles, PSP and DS are the consoles and those games on the iPhone are the Zumas.

Patcher can't crap about games, why he insist in calling himself a "gamer"?

Christopher2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Actually, he's right. There are more people who game on the side on smart phones than there are people who buy dedicated handhelds for just gaming. Though, the profit from dedicated handheld games is larger, they sell a lot less in general.

Unless Sony comes out with a power house of a device that is more than just a gaming device, it'll end up being just another PSP.

Peppino72565d ago

Even if you have half of the original psp owners it's already a win from the start.

Megaton2565d ago

There's a reason why this guy and HHG act like butt buddies when you get them together on camera.

2565d ago
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longcat2565d ago

Do we have no standards whatsoever on this site?
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Seedhouse2565d ago

It's an opportunity to laugh at what he comes out with, if anything.

longcat2565d ago

True, but if we keep giving this guy attention, then what we are saying is that he is good enough for our industry.

That is what i have a problem with.

visualb2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

the fact that the N4G community still approves patcher, VGChartz and flame bait titles/articles from pointless websites is enough to know the N4G approval system is a cesspool of ****

however, occasionally, a gem comes out of it, thus why its so awesome...

but I agree, there are NO STANDARDS ON THIS SITE.

its broken.

longcat2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )


we punish those who punish us

Pic VERY related

radphil2565d ago

Do the numbers next to the name mean how many bubbles they have, just curious.

If so, they need to change the method of how articles are accepted on here.

rjdofu2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

@radphil: I don't think so, all the numbers add up to 10- the required number of approvements.

rrw2565d ago

Patcher can You answer this question.

If you think like this:

Mobile gaming (iphone) = sucessful
Game Handheld (PSP) = Fail


PSP + Phone = PSphone

does PSphone will fail or not?

Burning_Finger2565d ago

Patcher brain dead on arrival. Yup, he was born that way.

NovusTerminus2565d ago

Apple is more casual.

You don't expect people to play Monster Hunter, Persona, or God of War on the iphone/ipad like you would see on the PSP, the core market will follow the consoles and games.

I have used an ipad for gaming and decided that I will not be doing that anytime soon.

Redempteur2565d ago

sorry vut the ds is already installed in the familly mond as what they want .

You expect me to believ that the caxsual market is ready to invest SO much money on a device they don't know wellthat isn't even sure to answer their expectations ?

on the other hand you have a concept that is growing yes but far from being the succes in the like of what nintendo did since the gameboy.

Gb , GBA, DS , DSI all sucess and The psp was only able to replicate that partially thanks to the PLAYSTATION name .

Apple has nothingthey have to create a place for themselves in fornt of these 2 big names ..

pain777pas2565d ago

If the PSP2 has 4g always connected support, it will succeed. Otherwise, if the PS Phone specs are good enough to run all PSP games and PS1 games to date then I'll get that and a 3DS. Nintendo will get my money because the graphics are up to snuff and the tech is cool.